Hometown Hero.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Paul returns, Eden returns to the scene of the crime, and Daniel reassures Phyllis.

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At the Club, Avery tells Heather she's sorry about her brother. Heather says Paul would never shoot anyone unless it was self-defense or to defend someone else. Avery offers to defend him. Heather wishes she knew where he was. She goes up to Ricky's suite, where Michael, standing with Ronan, tells her he has no other course but to consider Paul a fugitive. Back downstairs, Michael agrees to let Ronan in on the case. Lauren listens as they discuss the gun Paul used. Ronan leaves, and Lauren tells Michael the gun was hers. Michael reads her the riot act - she violated her probation! Is he supposed to turn her in? Lauren says he must - or she will. Michael asks her to wait for him to figure out how to handle this. Lauren warns she won't let Paul ruin his case to protect her.


At the station, Heather puts out an APB on Paul, but he shows up and turns himself in. Paul explains to Heather that he went to tell Isabella about their son. Heather tells Paul that Avery will defend him. Paul says he knows it looks bad, but Eden will explain what Ricky was going to do. Heather says Eden doesn't remember a thing. Avery arrives and Ronan learns Paul is downstairs. Ronan assures her he doesn't want to bust the hometown hero for murder. Avery meets with Paul in the interrogation room and Ronan enters. Ronan asks where he got the unregistered gun. Paul says, "I don't recall." Paul describes his initial encounter with Ricky, and how he recalled seeing Eden's backpack and returned. Paul tells Ronan about the showdown in the bathroom, and how the force of the shot sent Ricky out the window. Paul is stunned to hear no knife was found! Ronan warns he's looking at pre-meditated murder right now. Ronan says there is no proof Ricky was homicidal. Paul says Ricky confessed to him about Rachel, Craig, and Daisy. Ronan steps out. Paul cries to Avery that his son was a murderer. Paul feels his questions led to Ricky harming Craig and Daisy.


Daniel visits Eden in the hospital and they discuss her going to Ricky's suite. He says they didn't have enough evidence to charge him. Eden tells Daniel she saw Ricky on the ground, but she can't remember anything. The doctor appears to release Eden. He tells her to give her memory time. Eden takes a call from Heather, who asks her to meet at the Club for an experiment.


At the penthouse, Nick opens the paper and tells Phyllis that Paul shot Ricky and he's dead. Phyllis says Paul must be in hell. Daniel comes in, and Nick exits. They talk about Daisy. Daniel thinks if she was out there, she would have found a way to expose Phyllis by now. He thinks Ricky killed her, and Phyllis' secret is safe. Nick returns, followed by Lauren. Daniel and Nick leave Lauren with Phyllis. Lauren tells Phyllis that the gun Paul used belonged to her. Phyllis reminds her if Paul hadn't had the gun, Ricky would have killed Eden and maybe Paul - it saved two people's lives.


Eden meets Heather and Michael at the Club. They enter Ricky's suite. Eden still doesn't remember anything. They try the bathroom. Eden won't step inside. Michael has Eden carry her backpack and asks her about the text to Kevin, but Eden just draws a blank. Heather says they'll have to re-enact the shooting. It still doesn't work. Eden is frustrated.


At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Nick wonder what's going on around Genoa City. They talk about Eden not being able to help Paul. Daniel says sometimes rage creeps in and you can't go back - can't undo it. Heather and Eden appear. Avery enters and tells them that Ricky confessed to getting rid of Daisy. Eden wants to remember.


Ronan joins Michael upstairs at the station. He says Paul seems to be cracking up. Ronan returns to Paul and has Nina with him. They embrace. Upstairs, Michael asks Lauren again to wait. Lauren apologizes for putting him in this position. Michael and Lauren compliment Ronan for bringing in Nina. Downstairs, Nina tells Paul he's a good man. He begs her to stop - he killed his own son!


At the penthouse, Nick admires Lucy in Phyllis' arms. Phyllis says Sheila and Daisy had no souls - Lucy's not that way. She's glad they're gone. Nick agrees; Lucy's life will be better.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley tells Harmony, "You slept with my husband. There's no coming back from that."

Genevieve tells Cane she's the last person on earth who would use his sister's memory to torment him - that's disgusting to her.

Abby tells Carmine she called her mother yesterday and told her everything. He asks, "You what?"

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