Hillbilly Chic.

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Abby and Carmine talk, Ricky deals with Paul, and Daniel is arrested.

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Carmine returns to the motel room with items Abby sent him to buy. She's appalled that he bought her overalls to wear! They bicker. Abby decides that maybe she'll start a trend - Hillbilly Chic. She puts them on and Carmine says she's cute. Abby opens up to him about the gala being a flop. He admits his role in it. Abby chews him out. Abby tells him it's actually kind of cool he wanted to do something so big for Angelina. Carmine says Angelina's now pretending she never knew him - he's sorry he didn't clue in sooner. Carmine goes to shower and Abby feels guilty about her mom worrying.


Ashley, Tucker, Victor, and Sharon arrive at the station. Ronan reports the latest on Abby and Carmine. He says Carmine is clean, but they're tapping his family's phones just in case. He's also alerted the border authorities, and thinks they should consider a reward. Ash apologizes to Victor for misjudging him, since he brought in the FBI.


In the interrogation room, Michael tells Daniel he's holding him. He advises Daniel to do everything Avery tells him. Heather arrives with an officer, who arrests Daniel. Michael tells Heather she'll take the lead on this - he has to distance himself.


Nick and Phyllis get home from the park and discuss Daniel. Phyllis thinks he and Avery should be there soon. Avery calls and tells Phyllis that Daniel's been arrested because of an email. Phyllis and Nick go to the station where Michael tells them Heather is taking the case. Daniel is brought in. Avery demands Heather start questioning or release her client.


Paul pounds on the door to Ricky's suite. Ricky leaves the unconscious Eden to answer. Paul says he's looking for Eden. Ricky gets defensive, but then admits Eden was there, but he has no idea where she is now. Ricky tries to get rid of him, but Paul wants to stay and iron things out. He gets Ricky to open up about his lonely childhood. Paul tearfully asks to start over. Ricky says he'll listen to Paul tomorrow maybe. Eden's backpack is on the floor as Paul hugs Ricky and goes. Ricky returns to Eden and the knife.


At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin tell Lauren about Daniel's arrest. Kevin admits he thinks there could be truth to it. Lauren hopes no one else gets hurt. Kevin keeps trying unsuccessfully to reach Eden. Lauren decides to go see Michael. Kevin takes a call from Paul, who says he's just left Ricky's and will go check for Eden at the park. Kevin tells Chloe he can't understand why Eden's not taking calls. They leave for the park.


In the Club dining room, Sharon tells Victor she's glad Ashley apologized. Sharon is worried about him since he's not eating or sleeping, and suggests they go to the park.


Nikki joins Jack at the concert in the park. Jack's on edge worrying about Abby. Nikki cheers him up a little, and tells him she remembered his birthday - she hands him a gift. Ashley and Tucker join them. Ash mentions his birthday, but he only wants to celebrate when Abby's found. They tell Jack that Victor brought in Ronan, and that Carmine doesn't seem dangerous. As the fireworks go off, Ashley gets a call from Abby.


Lauren arrives at the station and embraces a stressed out Michael. Downstairs, Avery and Heather face-off. Daniel implores Heather to ask whatever she wants. Heather outrages everyone by deciding to wait until morning. Phyllis reassures Daniel before he is taken back to his cell. Nick, Avery, and Phyllis head out, passing Michael and Lauren. Phyllis glares at Michael as she goes.


Paul hangs up from Kevin in the Club and realizes it was Eden's backpack he saw in Ricky's suite. He returns and creeps in. Paul sees Ricky holding the knife to Eden's throat. Ricky yells, "Back up!" Paul pulls a gun and orders him to drop the knife! Ricky says Paul cares about Eden, not him. He tells him about killing Rachel, Craig, and getting rid of Crazy Daisy - he did the town a favor! Paul orders him to drop the knife. Ricky says he has nothing to live for and it's all Paul's fault. They scream at each other - Paul imploring Ricky to drop the knife, and Ricky taunting Paul to shoot him. When Ricky raises the knife in the air, Paul shoots him in the arm. The force causes Ricky to fall backward out of the window.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Ronan tells Heather that Michael is lucky to have an attorney like her as A.D.A.

Abby ogles Carmine as he emerges from the shower.

Paul gasps as he looks out the window.

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