Now I'll Have To Kill You.

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Things worsen for Daniel, Ronan sees Phyllis and Chloe, and Ricky discovers Eden's snooping.

Now I'll Have To Kill You. image

At the Club bar, Heather asks Paul to join her at the concert in the park. He tells her he reached out to Ricky, and muses that at least he's not involved in Daisy's disappearance - they have a suspect. Heather says it's Daniel.


Eden sends a text to Kevin from Ricky's suite and Ricky appears. He asks why she's in his room. Eden says she lost her bracelet and suggests they go back to the bar. Ricky insists they stay there. Eden asks about his mother. Ricky says she's in a mental hospital, and then kisses Eden. She claims to be unwell. He offers her pills. When she won't take them, he grabs her. Daisy's things fall from her bag. Ricky tells her he has to kill her. She tries to get away but is knocked out on the bathtub side. Ricky tosses Daisy's things in the maid's wastebasket.


At the station, Avery tells Michael he has no proof Daniel made any calls. Phyllis confronts Michael, and phones Nick. Ronan appears. He mentions Abby's case, and wanting to see some people he's been missing. Phyllis gabbers until Nick appears. She tells Ronan they're remarried. Phyllis asks Ronan to help her son. He agrees. In the interrogation room, Michael tells Daniel someone else will question him due to his relationship with Phyllis. Daniel has nothing to hide and tells Michael to go search his apartment. Nick appears and Daniel says he's being set up. Nick says they'll prove it. Nick returns to Phyllis and thanks Ronan for helping, but seems slightly jealous. Heather arrives to question Daniel. Avery is upset that she acts like Daniel's guilty. Heather says all the evidence points to him right now.


At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Kevin there's no word about Abby. Kevin tells her the police think Daniel may have killed Daisy. Chloe suggests they go support Daniel. Kevin doesn't know what to believe. He gets a text from Eden to meet in the park - she's got big news.


Michael searches Daniel's apartment with two officers. Michael looks at a photo and feels conflicted. Ronan arrives and tells Michael he doesn't have enough to hold Daniel, let alone prosecute him. Michael says maybe it will stay that way. Ronan looks around and finds nothing. An officer shows Michael and email from Daisy to Kevin saying Daniel hates her - she's writing in case something happens to her.

At the park, Kevin and Chloe run into Paul. They ask him to look out for Eden and head to the station.


At the station, Kevin tells Phyllis he needs to talk to Daniel. Phyllis tells Chloe that Daisy got to Kevin. Chloe tells her not to make Kevin feel any worse. Kevin goes to see Daniel and passes Heather. Avery tells Kevin she hasn't known Daniel as long as him, and she knows he didn't do it. Kevin asks Daniel to give him something. Daniel asks him as his friend, to believe he's innocent. Meanwhile, Ronan returns and tells Phyllis and Avery that Daniel's apartment was clean. They dash away. Chloe appears and tells Ronan she's married. Ronan wants to ask about Carmine and Abby, but she says another time. Ronan's glad everything worked out for her. Phyllis tells Daniel to call her when he's released, and leaves with Nick. Kevin tells Daniel he'll stand by him. He gets worried about Eden and phones Paul for help, saying Eden was convinced Ricky harmed Daisy. Michael returns and tells everyone about Daisy's email. Avery's fed-up. She and Kevin both want to talk to Daniel. Kevin watches as Avery tells Daniel. Daniel turns away.


At the park, Phyllis tells Nick she's worried that everything that's happened is payback. Nick reassures her. He loves her and nothing she's done can change that.


Ricky stand over Eden with a huge knife in his bathroom. Paul knocks.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ronan says to Victor, Ashley, and Sharon, "I'm glad you're all here. I can tell everybody the news at once."

Avery asks Michael, "Are you charging him?" Michael tells Daniel, "You have a great lawyer. Do exactly as she tells you. You got it?"

Paul tells Ricky he's looking for Eden.

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