Clean Slate It.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Harmony and Devon make up, Daniel is questioned, and Eden discovers the truth.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis debates with Michael about him looking into Daisy's disappearance. Heather appears and says they've put out an APB on her. Michael muses that she's gone from a potential victim to a wanted person. Heather gets a call that the blood on the scarf is Daniel's. Phyllis tells Michael not to jump to conclusions. Michael says he can't ignore this. Phyllis asks them to talk to Daniel at home, rather than bring him in. Michael tells her to call Avery.


At the Club, Avery and Paul discuss Daisy's disappearance. He thinks Ricky had something to do with it. Avery thinks she left to avoid being arrested, and suggests Paul look at it like a father. Avery gets a text from Phyllis and goes. In the dining room, Neil is with Lily, Devon and the twins. Sofia arrives to greet the twins for their birthday. Nearby, Cane says hello to Genevieve, and asks if she's heard from Colin. She says no, and they join the others. Harmony enters and awkwardness ensues. Sofia suggests they just ask her to join them. Lily goes to ask her, and tells her a secret which convinces her to stay. During the party, Ana appears as a surprise for everyone. When she hugs Harmony and talks with her, Devon tells Neil he's worried Ana will get hurt. Cane talks to Devon about moms with issues. Sofia wonders to Lily if she did right by Moses when she left Neil. Lily reassures her. Ana tells Devon that staying mad at Harmony won't help anyone. Devon ends up apologizing to Harmony. They decide to 'clean slate it'. Suddenly, Lily notices an unopened gift. It contains old toys. Cane asks Gen what kind of sick joke this is. She says it must have been Colin.


In his suite, Ricky orders a pizza using Daisy's credit card, saying she's his wife. He then calls and purchases a bus ticket to Ottawa, again saying he's making the call on behalf of his wife. After, he muses that Daniel's doing an awesome job of making it look like his wife is on the run. Paul arrives and asks what Ricky is thinking and feeling - he wants to know him. Ricky bristles. He thinks it's an act to get him to say something. He orders Paul out.


At Daniel's place, Kevin is certain something bad has happened to Daisy. Eden thinks Ricky did it. She tells Kevin and Daniel how they once kissed and were together just the other day. When Lucy doesn't eat, Kevin says she misses her mom and wishes he'd stepped up to help her sooner.


Avery arrives at Crimson Lights. Daniel enters with Lucy. Phyllis tells him Michael needs to talk to him at her place - the blood on the scarf is his. They go, and Eden tells Kevin that Michael should be focused on Ricky, not Daniel. Kevin says Daniel has said things that make him sound guilty. Heather asks to hear them. Kevin reluctantly says Daniel and Daisy argued, and is forced to admit he said he wanted her out of his life.


At the penthouse, Avery advises Daniel. Michael arrives and says Phyllis must go. Michael begins his questioning. He points out that Daniel took a long time getting to the gala and wanted Daisy to disappear.


Eden appears at Ricky's suite wanting to talk about Daisy. She says the cops think Daniel got rid of her. Eden pretends to dislike Daniel and apologizes to Ricky for having been so rude to him lately. She offers to buy him a drink. They head downstairs. When they get there, Eden goes back up and asks the maid to let her in for her sunglasses, and starts snooping.


Phyllis returns to Crimson Lights as Heather takes a call. She tells Phyllis and Kevin that it appears Daisy's been using her credit card. Heather lets Michael know.


At the penthouse, Michael tells Avery and Daniel it appears Daisy is using her credit card. Michael asks Daniel how his blood got on the scarf. Daniel says he punched a table. Phyllis returns. Heather calls Michael to say the credit card charges were made by her husband. He wants Daniel to come downtown.


At the Club bar, Paul tells Ricky they've got a suspect in Daisy's disappearance and apologizes. Upstairs, Eden finds Daisy's phone and credit card, and says, "My God. It was Ricky."


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Heather tells Daniel that right now all the evidence points to him.

Chloe spots Ronan at the station and says, "Weird night just got weirder." He grins. "It's nice to see you too."

Phyllis tells Nick they think Daniel killed Daisy. Nick says, "Well we know he didn't."

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