Witch Hunt.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Ashley worries about Abby, Victor calls in help, and Kevin's concerned about Daisy.

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At the Club, Katherine complains about the gala being postponed to Nikki. They worry about Abby. Nikki tells her they've set up a command post, but there's nothing else they can do. Katherine's not as concerned - she thinks Abby's tough - but she suggests Nikki talk to Victor.


Ashley checks in with Jack by phone as she and Tucker arrive at the ranch. Victor tells Ashley there are no updates. Sharon and Michael listen as Victor wonders why Abby tweeted about her abduction - it could still be a stunt. Michael says she hasn't made any more posts. He gets a call and tells them Abby and Carmine's cellphones were found in the brush - the trail's gone cold. Victoria checks in by phone and Chloe arrives. Michael goes, and Victor asks Chloe if she thinks Abby and Carmine were working together. Chloe doesn't think so. After, Sharon takes Ashley to the kitchen, and Tucker bickers with Victor. Ashley returns wanting to call a press conference. Victor argues against it. Ash and Tucker leave angrily. Later, Nikki arrives to check on Victor. He says he's fine as Sharon brings him a tray. They hear the helicopter. Nikki and Sharon both go. Ronan enters. Victor asks him to find Abby and bring her kidnapper to justice.


In a motel room, Abby awakens and smiles as she listens about her abduction on the radio. She's relieved there's no mention of the disastrous gala. Carmine returns from stashing the car and asks why she didn't walk out the door. He wants her to call her family and tell the truth - the media's making him out to be a lunatic kidnapper. She reminds him what he did to Chloe. Carmine says he was only going to keep her long enough to punish Kevin for treating Angie like dirt. Abby calls him a bonehead. He returns the sentiment.


Heather and Avery discuss their case against Daisy at the Club. Avery tells her Phyllis isn't exactly on board anymore - she thinks she's doubting herself. Avery is sure Phyllis will come around. Heather learns an arrest warrant's been executed for Daisy.


Daniel tells Phyllis, from home, that he hasn't heard from Daisy. Kevin calls next. He tells him the same thing. Daniel heads to the penthouse and questions Phyllis about Daisy's disappearance. They each wonder if the other did something. They agree that it's good she's gone, and whatever actions were taken were probably justified. Avery arrives to convince Phyllis to testify against Daisy. They tell her Daisy's gone missing.


At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Eden and Paul that Daisy wouldn't have run without Lucy. Kevin complains that police won't look for her yet. Paul says she is an adult and they need more pieces to the puzzle. Eden tells Paul that Daisy had been talking to Ricky lately and he was going to help her. She also saw them kissing before. Paul goes. Michael arrives and bickers with Kevin about Daisy's disappearance. Kevin says he was trying to help her. Michael thinks it was misguided. Kevin insists something happened to her. Chloe arrives, followed by Daniel and Phyllis. Kevin asks Daniel to check his apartment for clues. They all speculate. Kevin insists Daisy wouldn't leave Lucy. Michael learns from the lab there was blood on Daisy's scarf.


In his suite, Ricky reads the morning headlines and notes there's not a word about poor little Daisy. He goes through Daisy's purse, sets aside her wallet and phone, and tosses the rest. Paul arrives and asks him about his friendship with Daisy, saying she's disappeared. Ricky mocks Paul, and talks about how he bonded with Daisy. Paul tells him to call if he thinks of anything. Once alone, Ricky glares.


At the Club bar, Paul fills Heather in on Daisy's disappearance and her connection to Ricky. He insists he's not on a witch hunt. Ricky appears as Heather learns an APB has been issued for Daisy.


Outside the gala venue, Tucker has called a press conference. Ashley is grateful, and makes her appeal.


Abby and Carmine watch Ashley's presser in the hotel. Carmine asks Abby to call home again - he's worried about Victor. Abby insists she won't let him take the rap and asks for one more day. Carmine agrees and Abby hugs him.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Heather tells Phyllis the lab finished running the tests on Daisy's scarf.

Kevin tells Eden there's no reason Ricky would want to hurt Daisy. She replies, "Oh, and Daniel would?"

Cane holds up a toy car and asks, "What kind of sick joke is this?" Genevieve says it had to be Colin.

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