No Fairytale Ending.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Daisy sees something shocking, the gala is sabotaged, and Adam has plans for Chelsea.

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Abby meets with Jack to seal the deal at the Club. As she finishes signing the papers, Victor arrives. Jack tells him Beauty of Nature's now his. Victor humors him, and then tells Abby she'll regret having given her money to that loser. Abby goes, and Jack tells Victor to leave Abby out of it. Victor reminds him that his son chose to live with him.


On the patio, Adam tells Chelsea about the farm. They are kissing when Sharon comes in with Faith. Faith calls, "Hi Adam!" Adam chats with Faith and introduces her to Chelsea. Sharon rushes out to get ready for the gala. Chelsea muses that she's never been to a gala.


At the gala site, Chloe freaks out over the truck with the tables and chairs not showing up. Kevin tells her everything will work out. She sends Kevin home to get her dress. Carmine makes a call and says, "Tell the driver to make another wrong turn." Abby arrives, and bickers with Chloe. Tucker calls and tells Abby that The Wanted are stranded at the airport. Kevin returns and suggests they ask Lauren to sing. The girls say this is catastrophic. Abby moans that she's ruined. She and Kevin go to find chairs. Carmine tells Chloe he heard a truck.


At the Club, Daisy tells Daniel by phone that she'll bring home food for Lucy, and then knocks on Ricky's door to ask what his plan is to help her and Lucy disappear. She threatens to tell that he bugged his sister's apartment if he won't help. Ricky has to go down to the dining room. Daisy opens his laptop and finds a video of his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, in a bubble bath. Daisy watches, horrified, as he gives her wine and then drowns her in a rage! When Ricky returns, Daisy makes an excuse and leaves. After, Ricky realizes what Daisy saw, and says, "Bad move, Daisy." He deletes the video and leaves.


In their suite, Adam encourages Chelsea to go to college. She notes how much he believes in her. Adam presents her with a gown and says they're going to the gala. She tells him he's Prince Charming - she'll never forget this. Adam goes downstairs, and Chelsea looks in the mirror and wonders who she's kidding - girls like her don't get fairytale endings. Downstairs, Adam spots Victor and tells her he's going to the gala. Victor calls Chelsea a two-bit con artist. Adam informs him he's proposing tonight. Victor thinks he'd be doing it to embarrass him and get revenge. Adam returns to the suite and tells Chelsea she's beautiful.


Michael and Lauren arrive at the penthouse ready for the gala. Phyllis says she's not up for it. Michael gets a call - it's Daisy who urgently wants to see him. He agrees to meet outside the gala. Michael hangs up and says Daisy has something to tell him. He and Lauren go. Phyllis tells Nick they should go to the gala. When Nick's upstairs, she phones Daniel and says she thinks Daisy's going to tell on her and run - they have to stop her.


Michael and Lauren arrive at the gala followed by Sharon. Jack is there and explains that the girls have had technical difficulties. Phyllis and Nick arrive. Phyllis goes looking for Michael, who is helping Kevin. Out back, Carmine tells Chloe he diverted the truck as revenge for Angie, and now he's going to take her away from Kevvy. Inside, Abby decides to look for Chloe and Carmine. She sees him put Chloe in his trunk. When he leaves to search for his phone, Abby lets Chloe out, sends her inside, and gets in the trunk! Inside, Victor warns Sharon that Adam's going to propose to Chelsea to humiliate him. They elect to go home.

In an alley, Daisy wishes for Michael to hurry. She turns and says to someone, "What are you doing here?"


Lauren returns to the gala from outside and acts confused when Jack asks, "How's Fen?" He reminds her she left to call her son. Daniel arrives and Phyllis asks if he's seen Daisy. He says, "No, have you?" Chloe comes in yelling that Carmine tried to kidnap her. She fills Kevin in. She notices Abby's not with her. Outside, Carmine drives off with Abby in the trunk.


In the alley, Michael tells Paul he is waiting to meet Daisy, but she hasn't shown up. He spots a scarf on the ground.


Ricky returns to his room holding his head with a strange look on his face.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Adam, "I told you I love you and you didn't say it back!"

Ashley arrives at the ranch to tell Victor that Abby's been kidnapped.

Carmine hears his description being given on the radio and hits the gas.

In his suite, Ricky wears a suit and says, "Time to go to a party."

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