Bite Me.

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Paul learns Lauren's secret, Avery has an idea, and Phyllis and Daisy face-off.

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At the penthouse, Phyllis tells Nick she is doing housework to keep her mind off things. Avery arrives and says she thinks she's found a way to get rid of Daisy. Avery found a law saying it's a crime not to help a person in peril if you're responsible for putting them in that position. They could charge her with manslaughter for the miscarriage. Phyllis thanks Avery profusely and embraces her. Nick hugs Phyllis, and he and Avery leave. Phyllis prays for this to work.


Eden arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Kevin what Daisy is doing there. Kevin says he's giving her a chance like Michael did for him. Daniel appears and confers with Eden. Later, Eden tells Kevin she was just trying to protect him. He says Daisy won't poison the coffee. Eden asks if he's sure. Kevin assures her he's keeping an eye on her. Eden rejoins Daniel on the patio. Daniel says it's unbelievable what Kevin's doing. He tells her he's trapped in this marriage and there's no way out. Daisy interrupts and chastises Daniel for hanging out with her. She threatens to expose Phyllis' secret. Daniel takes off. Phyllis arrives and tells Daisy she's going to jail - she'll lose Daniel and Lucy. Daisy reminds her about the hit-and-run. Phyllis tells her she'll press charges unless she walks away from Daniel and Lucy. Daisy replies, "Bite me." They spar when Daisy says she's bluffing. Kevin breaks up the argument. Phyllis goes, and Daisy whines to Kevin.


At the Club, Lauren thanks the gun salesman for his discretion as Paul enters. Paul tells her he told Ricky to stay away from Heather. Paul tells her about his conversation with Ricky. She thinks he's manipulative, and commends Paul for trusting his gut. Lauren tells Paul she lost it when she caught Daisy talking to Fen. She says she'll do whatever it takes to defend her family. Paul warns her not to put herself in jeopardy. She gets up to call Fen and bumps into Ricky. Her gun is exposed in her purse. Ricky sees it, has a tense exchange with Paul, and goes. Lauren returns and asks if Ricky said anything about her. Paul asks what's going on. Lauren swears him to secrecy and shows him her gun. Paul reminds her she's on probation. Lauren says she needs it to feel safe. Paul's even less impressed to hear Michael doesn't know. Lauren reminds him what Daisy did to her - she's deadly. Nick appears and says Daisy may be going back behind bars. Lauren and Paul are encouraged. After, Paul tells Lauren the gun won't make anything better. He asks for it. Lauren wants to keep it until they find out about the charges.


Avery arrives at Heather's place and tells her about her plan to hold Daisy accountable. Heather grins, "This is good."


Ricky arrives at the coffee house and order coffee from Eden. She tells Kevin he still creeps her out. On his laptop, Ricky watches Avery visiting Heather. He listens as they discuss a strategy against Daisy - including leaving Michael out due to conflict of interest. Heather says she'll happily help. Daisy spots Ricky, and tells him she may have to leave town with Lucy - she wants his help if it comes to that. He tells her Heather is involved in prosecuting her. On the patio, Kevin and Eden make nice. He tells her Daisy deserves a chance. Eden says Daniel is miserable - she worries about him. After, Eden overhears Ricky tell Daisy he'll help her, and follows them. Heather arrives and learns from Kevin that he hired Daisy. He asks if she would hire Ricky. She says no, she doesn't like him much.


At home, Daniel starts picking up clothes, thinks back on all his history with Daisy, and punches the desk. Daisy rushes in acting suspicious and seems surprised to see Daniel.


Avery returns to Phyllis' penthouse and tells her that Heather is on board for prosecuting Daisy. Phyllis doesn't think that should be the plan anymore. She says she's not sure she cried out - they should just drop it. Avery is stunned and leaves. Nick returns. Phyllis says she wants this to be over.


Ricky lets himself into Heather's apartment. Eden sees. She approaches the door and it opens. He says he just forgot something there. Eden acts friendly.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Abby she will regret having given all her money to that loser.

Daisy is stunned to see Heather's apartment on Ricky's laptop.

Michael tells Phyllis, Nick, and Lauren that Daisy is insisting on meeting with him.

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