It Was An Accident.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Phyllis comes clean, Tucker and Harmony talk, and Ricky eavesdrops on Heather and Paul.

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At the penthouse, Daniel asks Phyllis what Daisy means - that she tried to kill Paul and Christine. Daisy states her proof regarding the rental car. Phyllis protests. Daisy says she's a hypocritical liar. Daisy tells Daniel she's taking Lucy, and says she'll keep the secret as long as she's a member of the family. After, Daniel demands the truth from Phyllis. She admits she saw Christine kissing Danny and snapped. She says she rented a car to follow Christine and Danny, but she came out with Paul. Paul left and tried to scare Christine by driving toward her, but Paul came back. Phyllis says she swerved, but there was nowhere to go. "It was an accident." Daniel says the report indicates the driver sped up. Phyllis says she hit the gas instead of the brake. She covered it up because no one would have believed her. Daniel and Phyllis agree they must get rid of Daisy.


Paul visits Heather at home and they discuss Ricky. Heather says she gave the music box back. Paul is afraid for her. Ricky watches and listens through his bug as Paul suggests she get a restraining order, and they argue over whether Ricky's dangerous. Paul says he needs to protect her.


At Crimson Lights, Genevieve reads a letter and asks Kevin to discreetly move her funds out of the Swiss account. He tries, but her password's been changed. Gen wants him to hack in. He says he'll try. Later, Daisy enters and tells Kevin things are looking up - Phyllis and Daniel have reconsidered blaming her for the miscarriage. Kevin is surprised and warns it will take time for them to trust her. Daisy credits him for believing in her. Kevin talks to her about trying to find investors for their website.


Neil encounters Lauren in the Club as she's telling the gun salesman she's changed her mind. Neil walks off and Lauren takes the man's number. Paul arrives and Lauren tells him Daisy got Phyllis upset and made her lose her baby - she did nothing to help. Lauren says she has to be stopped. Paul can relate to how she feels about Daisy - something is off with Ricky. He admits he tried to get Heather to file a restraining order against him. Lauren likes his instincts. She feels neither of them are overreacting.


Harmony spots Tucker at Gloworm. She tells him how sorry she is at how things have turned out for him - she can make amends, but can't put his marriage back. Harmony says she took advantage of him having a lousy day. Tucker laments that he tried to be a good husband, but he likes women - that's not Harmony's fault. He says he wanted to be with her, and still does. Tucker wants to 'get out of there'. Harmony says it could be satisfying - the same way a hit could be. She's flattered, but says it won't make either of their problems go away. Neil enters. Tucker says she's got it bad for him, and warns her to cut herself a break and be careful. He leaves, and Neil tells Harmony they can't keep avoiding each other. They make small talk. Neil tells her that he and Devon talked about her last night - he told him to cut her some slack. Harmony says, "Goodnight."


In her suite, Genevieve threatens to exact revenge on someone over the phone - presumably Colin. She goes downstairs, where an employee tells her she has an hour to cover her bill. Tucker appears and offers help. She says she's fine, but he sees she's going to pawn jewelry. He covers her expenses. She's upset. He reassures her.


Paul visits Ricky's room and warns him to stay away from Heather. Ricky marvels at him believing he's a threat to her. Paul admits he thinks he's done more than take pictures of his sister. Ricky says he always wanted to be like him, and he doesn't understand why he wants to bring him down. Paul says he's not out to get him - he's worried. He warns him away from Heather again.


Heather arrives on the patio and discusses Daisy and Ricky with Kevin. Inside, Daisy spots Fenmore and chats. He tells her to leave him alone. Lauren appears and hisses at her to get away. Daisy tells her to take a hint from Phyllis - they worked things out. Lauren calls the gun seller.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Daniel asks Daisy what she's doing at Crimson Lights. She says her wonderful brother gave her a job.

Nick tells Phyllis she talked in her sleep all night saying, "Don't do it, Daisy! Stop!"

In the stable, Nikki tells Victor she's returned to the scene of the crime.

After, Heather arrives and discusses Daisy and Ricky with Kevin. Inside, Daisy spots Fenmore and chats. He tells her to leave him alone. Lauren appears and hisses at her to get away. Daisy tells her to take a hint from Phyllis - they worked things out.

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