Operation Destroy The Red-Headed Shrew.

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Daisy puts the pieces together, Heather's concerned about Paul, and Victor leaves Nikki and Sharon behind bars.

Operation Destroy The Red-Headed Shrew. image

In her apartment, Heather is stunned that Paul brought the bomb squad because of her brother. She's concerned about Paul's state of mind when it comes to Ricky. Paul tells her everything Ricky said. Heather still isn't convinced Ricky's anything more than weird.


Nick greets Victor in the stable, where he learns about Nikki and Sharon's scuffle. Nick tells Victor they lost the baby. Victor's sorry. Nick opens up to Victor, who tells him one day the pain will subside. Nick says they got married last night. When Victor learns that Nick blames Daisy Carter for the miscarriage he agrees to talk to Avery.


At the Club, Lauren and Michael discuss Phyllis losing the baby. Michael tells her it gets worse.

Daniel arrives at home, and tells Daisy he'll never believe she didn't hear his mother - he's taking Lucy to Phyllis' place.

In his suite, Ricky sorts through Phyllis' papers and calls Daisy to come over and help him - or else.


At home, Daisy hangs up from Ricky and tells Lucy she has to work with the nasty man or she'll lose her and daddy. Daniel comes in and tells Lucy her car seat is ready. They leave.


At the penthouse, Avery wonders what Tim knew about Phyllis that would cause her to pay him to leave town. Phyllis says it was personal stuff - Avery needn't worry. Avery says she's okay with whatever Phyllis needs to do to feel secure. Later, Lauren visits Phyllis and tells her Daisy must be stopped. Phyllis is glad they're friends again. They cry and hug. When Phyllis mentions they can't prove Daisy heard her cries for help, Lauren runs into the hall. Daniel arrives. They get Phyllis to say something and hear her clearly through the door. They agree Daisy is going down. Later, Phyllis tells Daniel he'll surely get custody. Daniel admits he's fantasized about hurting Daisy. Phyllis says they'll get their revenge by taking Lucy.


Avery and Heather meet at Crimson Lights and discuss Daisy's disgusting actions. They decide to be friendly foes. Michael joins them, and Daisy hides to listen as they discuss Ricky. Michael says Paul called him his 'miracle baby' because after he was injured in a hit and run, he didn't think he'd be able to have anymore kids. Michael says the police never found the driver of the rental car, and that it happened in 1994. Avery asks what kind of monster would run them down.


Nikki and Sharon continue to bait each other in jail. Victor arrives. Both think he's come for them. He says they're both wrong. He scolds that the verbal sparring has got to stop. He tells Sharon she needs a reality check - Nikki will always be in his life. He tells Nikki she needs to respect his choices. He leaves them to work it out. Sharon says she understands Nikki's connection with Victor because she has it with Nick. Nikki says she'll never approve of her and Victor. Sharon says she's always disapproved of her - the last time she was kind was when Cassie died! Sharon asks Nikki to cut her a break. They agree to drop the charges. Nikki warns she'll never approve of her and Victor.


Paul enters the Club, leaving a voicemail for someone to call him back. Nearby, Lauren spots Daisy and tells her she hasn't changed. Daisy is all innocence and big eyes, but her demeanor changes when Lauren says she and Phyllis have proof she heard her cries for help and did nothing. She adds that she'll make sure the world knows she doesn't deserve to be Lucy's mother. Daisy hightails it up to Ricky's suite and tells him she's ready for 'operation destroy the red-headed shrew'. Ricky says Tim told him she did something in 1994 and mentions a rental car. When he brings up her hatred for Christine, Daisy looks thoughtful and leaves. Heather arrives and returns the music box to Ricky saying it plays a creepy song. Downstairs, Nick tells Avery that Daisy must be held accountable. Victor joins them and says Daisy must pay for her actions. Across the room, Michael warns Lauren not to go after Daisy herself. After, Lauren meets a man who gives her a gun.


Phyllis opens her door to Daisy. She slams it again and whispers, "Hey Daisy, how are the acoustics out there? Go away and never come back." Daisy warns Phyllis she'll do what she say or her dirtiest dirt will come out. Daniel enters the room as Daisy says Phyllis tried to kill Paul and Christine.


At Crimson Lights, Paul asks Christine by phone to use her contacts to look into Ricky's past. She warns he may not like what she finds.


Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tucker tells Harmony she didn't lure him away from his wife; he wanted to be with her.

Genevieve says into the phone, "Are you trying to completely ruin me?"

Ricky says to Paul, "You want to bring me down, and I don't understand why."

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