Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Paul investigates a missing person, Nick asks Phyllis a question, and Genevieve hires Kevin.

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At the penthouse, Nick asks Phyllis what she means by saying Daisy caused the miscarriage. Phyllis says she kept pushing - she didn't literally push her - but she snapped when she knew she wasn't going to get to come to the wedding. Phyllis cries that she put the baby at risk just by letting her in. Nick says Daisy shouldn't have been there pushing her buttons. Phyllis mutters about stress and tells Nick that Ricky is writing a tell-all on her. Nick is upset and hugs her.


At Crimson Lights, Daisy tells Daniel the babysitter can take Lucy. Daniel can't believe what happened to his mom - today of all days, when she was so happy. Daisy flashes to their argument and leaving while Phyllis screamed. When Daniel says he's going to see Phyllis, Daisy admits to going over there and arguing. Daniel is extremely upset - he yells that he can't deal with her. Kevin intervenes. Daniel tells Daisy they're done, and leaves. Kevin warns Daisy she blew her chance to show patience and compassion today.


At Gloworm, Noah and Summer speculate with Avery about what might have happened with Phyllis. Ricky appears and flirts with Avery. He pretends to be sorry to hear the wedding was postponed. Avery tells him to shut up. Ricky sits and starts writing about Phyllis. Noah phones Nick and he says Phyllis was sick. Summer takes the phone and Phyllis gets on to reassure her. Ricky tries to talk to Noah, who tells him they're leaving.


Heather tells Paul a funny story at the Club. They say they've missed each other. They discuss Michael being the D.A. Heather thinks it's a plus that he understands the dark side of human nature. Talk turns to Ricky. Heather says he'll never be the son or brother they'd hoped for. Nearby, Lily and Cane enter and spot Genevieve, who tells them she's staying there - the Feds seized her house. Cane sits with her. She says she's learned from her mistakes. Cane offers to help with expenses or let her stay with them. Gen says thanks, but she's good for now. Avery arrives, and joins Paul. They discuss Ricky and Paul looks up at the TV - Tim Reid is missing. He gets online and finds out that Tim's boss reported him missing when he stopped showing up for work. Paul goes, and Avery spots Heather. Ricky appears, and Heather tells him she wants her apartment back. Ricky says it might be tough to find another place. Heather says it's not her problem. Ricky leaves Daisy a threatening message. Avery and Heather watch him and agree he's Machiavellian.


Still at the penthouse, Phyllis wonders to Nick if the miscarriage was karma. She says Daisy is just like her - it's her past sins coming back to haunt her. Nick says nothing she ever did would make her deserve this. Phyllis says he doesn't know that. Daniel arrives and speaks to Nick about Daisy while Phyllis is upstairs. Daniel says he's furious. Phyllis appears and Daniel embraces her. He goes to get frozen yogurt and books. Nick asks Phyllis if she would still marry him today. Phyllis agrees, if it's just the kids. Nick calls Katherine. When Noah, Summer, Daniel, and Faith are all there, Katherine arrives. Phyllis and Nick exchange vows, and Katherine has Nick kiss the bride before announcing them husband and wife.


Lily rejoins Cane at the Club and he fills her in on Genevieve. Lily wonders what she'll do now. He says she has things under control, but he's worried since she doesn't have many legitimate options.


On the patio at Crimson Lights, Genevieve tells Kevin most of her assets have been frozen, but she has an account in Switzerland they don't know about. However, someone knows about it, and is draining it - she wants Kevin to hack in and find out where the money is going. Kevin is reluctant, but eventually agrees. Daisy returns to the patio and deletes Ricky's message.


Paul visits Tim's landlady. She tells Paul he may have had visitors lately and describes the vehicles. Paul flashes to lending Ricky his vehicle. When Paul returns to the Club, he tells Ricky he's working on a missing person case.


Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley tells Tucker she's getting her things and returns his key.

Cane says to Lily, "I think she's got money stashed away somewhere." Lily asks how he's going to find out.

Kevin tells Chloe, "Somebody's been stealing money from her, and I'm going to find out who. Isn't that great?" Chloe shakes her head.

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