Epic Fail.

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Nick finds Phyllis, Jack panics about Abby talking to Victor, and Lauren flies in a surprise for Michael.

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At Gloworm, Nick tells Sharon she's not welcome there - he's serious. Victor ambles over to tell her she looks stunning. He takes her aside to remind her they agreed she wouldn't come. She says her place is by his side. He chuckles about her entrance and says from now on, she'll never go anywhere without him. Nearby, Summer and Noah complain to Nick, who is puzzled the penthouse phone is going straight to voicemail. He decides to go find out what's happening. Nikki approaches Sharon and orders her out. Sharon asks if she's the bouncer and taunts her about her drinking. Nikki hisses that nobody wants her there. Sharon says Victor does. Jack watches, and muses to Abby that Phyllis likes to make a big entrance. Abby says it will be tough to top Sharon's. As she starts talking about investing in Beauty of Nature, Jack tries to quiet her. Nearby, Victor smirks. Victoria joins Nikki, and tells Sharon she's embarrassing herself and her children. Sharon continues with the pole-dancing theme with Nikki, and says she'll stay as long as Victor wants her there. Across the room, Daniel tells Eden how they thought it best Daisy didn't come. Summer muses that Sharon came to ruin things instead.


Phyllis lies on the floor of the penthouse crying for help. Her cellphone rings but she can't get to it. Nick arrives and finds her. She whimpers, "The baby. It's too late. The baby's gone." Nick calls 911. Phyllis leaves on a stretcher. Nick takes moment to mourn the baby before following.


At Gloworm, everyone gets texts saying that the wedding has been postponed. Victor tells Abby he had his driver take Katherine home. Daniel decides to go check on his mom. Sharon approaches Victoria and Avery to ask if they know what's going on. Victoria says it's none of her business. Jack talks Nikki down, and then notices Victor and Abby are missing. Summer complains that it's another epic fail for her mom and dad. Victoria notices Sharon searching for Victor and tells her she's way down his priority list. Sharon says she's very important to him and she'll have to learn to deal with that. Noah deals with the staff, Summer, and then reminisces with Eden. She says even though they can't be together, they're still friends. Avery offers to feed Noah and Summer, and then whispers with Victoria about being worried.


Michael and Lauren arrive at the Club, where Lauren has flown in a surprise - Fenmore. Father and son embrace enthusiastically. They sit down and catch up. Lauren thinks everything's perfect. Michael says, "For us." He's worried about Phyllis and Nick.


Abby and Victor arrive at the ranch. He tells her he's concerned about her due to Jack Abbott and Beauty of Nature. For her to get involved would be a dreadful mistake and he won't allow it. Abby warns him about forbidding her to do things. He tells her she could cost him Beauty of Nature. She says he already lost it, and now is trying to use her to take it back. Victor says she's either with him, or against him. Later, Sharon arrives and Victor tells her that Abby let him down. Victor says Sharon never lets him down and they kiss.


At Jack's house, he rants to Nikki that Abby won't return his calls - obviously Victor is talking her out of investing. Nikki points out that he must like taking Victor's company from him and using his daughter to do it. She warns that Victor will never let this go. She doesn't want what they have to be ruined by this. Jack reassures her, but refuses to give up. Abby arrives and tells Jack she hasn't changed her mind - she's giving him the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Nikki looks worried.


On the patio at Crimson Lights, Daisy smiles as she recalls leaving Phyllis in distress. Daniel arrives with Lucy and leaves a voicemail for Nick to let him know what's happening. Daisy approaches to ask why he's not at the wedding. He says there isn't one. Later, he gets a text that his mom lost the baby. Daisy acts horrified.


Phyllis and Nick arrive at home. She spots the gift from Daisy and says her name. She tells Nick Daisy was there - it's her fault. Daisy's the reason she lost the baby.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery has an awkward run-in with Heather and Ricky at the Club.

Daisy says to Daniel, "There's something I should tell you about your mom, about what happened."

Phyllis says, "She kept on pushing me." Nick asks, "She pushed you?"

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