The Smell Of Seafood.

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Phyllis comes to a realization, Kyle Abbott returns to town, and Baby John is christened.

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At home, Victoria and Billy coo over John. Vikki decides they should christen him - today.

At Adam's suite, he asks Chelsea if she's considering leaving Genoa City. She asks, "What's keeping me here?" Adam mentions Jeffrey. Chelsea says he doesn't want her in his life. Adam says, "There's me." He'd really like her to stay. Chelsea admits she's hoping Jeffrey will still come around.


Phyllis apologizes to Nick for 'wallowing' at the penthouse. He calls it cuddling. She tells him he can go, but he says for the foreseeable future, he's all hers. They discuss Lucy, and what to tell Summer. Nick says Phyllis has informed her every step of the way - she'll be fine.


Kevin listens as Chloe and Abby disagree on themes for the gala at Crimson Lights. Kevin suggests they combine their ideas, and then goes inside to ask Jill what Mrs. C was thinking putting those two together. They discuss Daisy provoking Lauren. Jill says she and Michael have moved in. Carmine appears and Chloe and Abby finally agree on something - they hate him. The girls compare notes until he strolls over. Billy and Vikki enter, so they rush over to see the baby. Jill takes John, and Billy and Vikki tell everyone about the spontaneous christening. They ask Kevin and Chloe to be the godparents. They agree. Victoria and Billy call the invitees and head to the church. Abby gets a call and tells the person to show up at the christening.


At the Abbott house, Nikki bickers with Jack over quitting therapy and having the experimental surgery. Ashley appears and challenges him about it too. They gang up on him. Jack gets a call about the christening, and tells Billy they'll all come.


Nick and Phyllis arrive at Gloworm to eat. Nick gets a call from Victoria while Phyllis steps away, and says he can't make the christening, Phyllis doesn't need to be around babies. They go inside and Gloria sounds off about Daisy. She points out Sharon, who is at a table working. Sharon tells Phyllis she's sorry Daniel lost custody of Lucy. Jeff brings Phyllis her calamari, but she's nauseous and asks Nick to take her home. Chelsea and Adam arrive. Sharon approaches and wishes Adam a happy birthday, before leaving. Glo brings Jeffrey over to Chelsea. He insists William was her father.


Everyone gathers at the church for the christening. Chloe explains to Delia what's happening. Katherine arrives and says Murphy is sick, but John would have been so proud. They agree he's looking down. Kay and Nikki whisper about Victor. Abby enters with a surprise guest - Kyle walks in and hugs Jack. Nikki asks how his trip was. He merely answers, "Fine." The christening takes place, and Kyle looks horrified when Nikki and Jack clasp hands.


The christening party enters Gloworm as Chelsea and Adam are about to leave. Delia tells Jeffrey that he and Glo are her grandma and grandpa since her mommy married Kevin. Victoria wonders if they should invite Chelsea to join them, and Kyle pulls Abby aside to ask about Nikki. Across the room, Jack tells Ashley and Nikki he'll go back to Sarge. Chelsea congratulates Billy and Victoria before she and Adam leave. Sharon approaches Victoria and mentions it being Adam's birthday. Vikki says he doesn't want to be part of their family, so it's his own fault no one's hanging up streamers. Meanwhile, Kyle confronts Jack about hooking up with the woman who killed his mother - he's holding the same hand that bashed his mother's head in! Jack apologizes to Nikki after Kyle storms out. She says she'll go away for a couple of days.


At home, Nick asks Phyllis why she ditched him in the store. She stammers that the last time she got nauseous smelling seafood she was pregnant with Daniel and holds up a pregnancy test. Nick implores her to take the test and then they'll talk. As they wait for the results, Phyllis says this doesn't have to change anything. Nick proposes. He wants to marry her whether she's pregnant or not. The timer goes - it's positive. Nick grins.


Back at Adam's suite, Chelsea tells him she ordered a birthday cake from room service. He acknowledges her rough day and hugs her. After a moment, they kiss. Sharon arrives at the door with a birthday card.


Kyle enters Victor's office and announces that he'd like to come live with him!


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Ricky she's smart enough to know a liar when she sees one.

Sharon says to Nick, "You're scaring me. Is something wrong? Are you sick?'

Jack says to Victor, "You are using him. To get to me. It's not going to happen!"

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