A Generous Percentage For Lying.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Genevieve offers Tucker a deal, Lauren is arrested, and Devon celebrates.

A Generous Percentage For Lying. image

Genevieve arrives at the ranch with a reporter and photographer to announce to the world that she sold Beauty of Nature to Victor. He's upset that she didn't seek his approval and says it's not happening. He doesn't want people asking where she got the funds to buy it in the first place. Genevieve laughs at his suggestion that it came from Colin and accuses Victor of looking for a way to renege on their deal. Victor counters that he merely wants to keep Beauty of Nature - if he loses it he'll do anything to get it back.


At Fenmore's, Michael and Lauren argue about how much of a danger Daisy is to Fenmore. Michael wants his son in Genoa City. Lauren reluctantly agrees. Jill appears as Michael leaves. Lauren tells Jill she let Daisy get to her, but she won't again. Daisy enters sporting a voucher from a charity. Lauren refuses to honor it. Jill offers her twice the value to leave. Daisy says she wants their clothes - they look so good on Fenmore. Jill gets in Daisy's face. She says she's not afraid of Lauren. Lauren aims her gun at Daisy and says, "You should be." Daisy says she's calling the cops and leaves. Jill takes the gun from Lauren and hugs her. Later, an officer arrives and arrests Lauren.


Phyllis frets about having to wait six months for another court date. Nick suggests they go do something. Avery arrives at the penthouse and says she'll fix this. They bicker heatedly about who used Daisy for what, and whether Ricky set up Daniel. Phyllis says Avery won't take responsibility - she's exactly like their father! Avery says she'll help Daniel regain custody and leaves. Phyllis cries to Nick that Avery is blaming her. She can't stand the thought of Daisy having Lucy. Nick comforts her. Victor drops by and says he'll do whatever he can to help with the court case in six months - he understands fighting for family. After, Phyllis acknowledges that Nick went out of his comfort zone for her.


At Devon's studio, he, Roxanne, Neil. Tucker, and Ashley listen to the latest tune. Devon teases that he heard about Neil and Harmony's dancing and starts dancing with Roxy. Ashley and Tucker dance, and Devon prompts Harmony to dance with Neil. Devon tells Roxy he's taking her away someplace nice. They kiss. Everyone compliments Devon, who suggests they all go celebrate. Sofia arrives, and Harmony makes an excuse to stay behind.


Devon's group is seated at the Club. Sofia tells Tucker she told Neil the truth. He says Katherine knows too. Tucker makes a toast to Devon, saying he's proud of him, and crediting Neil with raising him to be so incredible. Devon appreciates them all sticking by him. Neil excuses himself to make a call. Genevieve arrives and Ashley is ticked. Tucker says he'll talk to her. Genevieve tells Tucker she needs him to say he loaned her the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Tucker says he can't - he was on the Newman board. Genevieve says he'll get a generous percentage for lying - he can say he didn't know what the money was for. Back at the table, Neil makes an excuse and leaves. The party breaks up. Ashley approaches Tucker to ask what's going on with Genevieve.


At home, Harmony answers the phone to Neil, who tells her she didn't have to bail. She tells him not to bother her until he can be real and hangs up. Behind her, Katherine asks who it was on the phone. Harmony says Neil is upset that she didn't go celebrate. Kay asks what's really going on. Harmony says she and Neil are just different. Kay looks thoughtful. Harmony answers the door to Neil, who is surprised to see Katherine.


At the ranch, Victor is upset with Michael that he didn't take care of what he asked him to at the SEC. He gives him the number of a commissioner to call.


Avery and Michael meet up at Crimson Lights. He says they're bringing Fenmore back. Avery tells him she fought with Phyllis again, and laments not listening when he warned her not to get Daisy released. She's worried she's lost her sister forever. Michael gives her a pep talk. He gets a call from Jill saying Lauren's been arrested for pulling a gun on Daisy. He leaves the phone number Victor gave him on the table as they take off.


Daisy goes to Phyllis's penthouse saying she's looking for Daniel because Lauren pulled a gun on her.

Later, at home, Victor is frustrated when he can't reach Michael.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tucker tells Ashley he and Sofia never had a falling out, it was all a ploy.

Neil says to Harmony, "That kiss, it meant something to me too."

Michael says to Lauren, "You lost control today." She says it was like something snapped.

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