Cookies To Sell?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Daniel has his day in court, Victor visits Jack's house, and Harmony and Sofia face-off.

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Nick pays Victor a visit at home and tells him about what happened with Daniel at Crimson Lights. He asks him to call in some favors to make sure Daniel gets Lucy in court. Victor refuses, saying the SEC is breathing down his neck.


In court, Daisy takes the stand to say she wants Lucy to have two parents - anyone who loved their child would want the same thing. She blames everything on Phyllis, saying she tried to take her baby to make up for losing custody of Daniel in the past. Phyllis steps out and tells Avery she wants to rip Daisy's face off! Avery tells her to trust Daniel. They sit, and come to an understanding about George's book. Avery says she'd like to be part of Lucy's life. Phyllis agrees. On the stand, Daniel tells the court he loves Lucy. He explains that his mother urged him to fight for her because one day he would want to be her father - she was right. Daniel describes how he felt when she went missing - it was sheer terror. The judge calls a recess, and then returns to say that Daisy will retain custody and the matter will be revisited in six months. Michael goes out to tell Phyllis and Avery. Phyllis is livid. In the court, Daisy tells Daniel he wouldn't let himself love her, and says he can't see Lucy until he accepts how much she loves their baby. Daniel joins the others. Michael gives him a pep talk. Michael tells Phyllis last night's incident influenced the judge. Phyllis is going to fix it.


At Crimson Lights, Sofia apologizes to Neil for her ruse with Tucker. He murmurs that they're past it. She says she didn't hear him come in last night. Neil stammers that he was with Lily and Cane at the studio. Sofia says, "And Harmony?" Neil walks to the counter and Harmony enters and bumps into him. Sofia watches and asks Neil about the tension. He steps away, and Sofia confronts Harmony, warning her not to keep her husband away from his family again. Sarge watches and approaches Harmony. She drags him over to Neil and Sofia and introduces him as her boyfriend. Everyone eyeballs everyone else. Sarge goes along with it. Sofia and Sarge leave. Neil confronts her about her lie. Harmony insists it's true. Later, Sarge sneaks up and kisses Harmony's cheek on the patio. He teases her about being into him, and asks what her sponsor would say. She tells him to back the hell up.


Michael reassures Avery at the Club, and reflects about the incident the previous night. They joke about dumping on each other. Avery says Phyllis is lucky to have him as a friend. Michael laughs that there's plenty of him to go around.


At Restless Style, Ricky is on the phone trying to get the scoop on Daniel's hearing. Phyllis and Nick enter. She fires Ricky, saying he set-up the incident the night before, and asks what he got for it. Ricky mocks her over Daisy winning custody. Nick shoves him into the elevator. Later, Daniel appears and mentions leaving town. Phyllis argues, but he says he'll just go for a week. Phyllis is moved when he says Lucy is his daughter and he wants to fight to raise her.


Nikki brings Jack treats at home. She tells him she ran into Victor and fell off her horse. Jack confronts her about letting Victor get to her, and how they were going to take things slow. He thinks maybe they are a mistake. Nikki and Jack argue about her still loving Victor. Nikki steps out to take a call and Victor comes to the door. Jack asks if he has cookies to sell. Victor says he came out of concern for Nikki's sobriety. Jack says she only has those issues when Victor's involved. Nikki intervenes and tells Victor they're done. Jack muses that Victor doesn't want her here. Nikki asks him to concentrate on her, not Victor.


Ricky joins Daisy at home and jokes about Phyllis's face turning the same color as her hair. He becomes frustrated when Daisy doesn't thank him, saying he just got fired. Daisy shrugs that he wanted to stick it to Phyllis, and he did, so they're done. Ricky laughs and says he's just getting started - he wants to write a tell-all on Phyllis's sins.


Neil rushes into the Club and asks Sofia what the emergency is. She says, "This," and kisses him. She's got them a room upstairs and doesn't want to talk. Neil pulls her up the steps.


Victor returns home and balls up a note from Genevieve, throwing the accompanying plant in the trash.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Avery she's exactly like their father.

Genevieve tells Victor he's looking for a way to renege on their deal and asks what he's afraid of.

Daisy tells Jill, "I'm not afraid of Lauren." Lauren aims a gun at her and says she should be.

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