Neat Trick.

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Victor visits the hospital, Sharon grills Adam, and Cane makes amends with Genevieve.

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At the Abbott house, Jack and Nikki discuss Chelsea - she still doesn't trust her. She also doesn't trust Genevieve. Nikki says his idea to marry her to get Beauty of Nature is terrible. Jack explains that Gen overheard them, so he told her he was placating 'his pushy friend Nikki'. He isn't sure Gen will go through with marrying him. Nikki sheds tears at the idea of Jack marrying someone he doesn't love - he deserves better. Jack asks if she'll leave Victor and remarry him. Her silence answers the question. Nikki goes, and Jack leaves Gen a message about wedding plans. He charters a plane to Vegas.


At the Club, Cane calls Genevieve and asks her to lunch. She agrees. Lily tells Cane she'll go, and will come back later to see how it went. Genevieve arrives and Cane tells her he'd like to fix things. They talk. Cane shares about the forgiveness he's received in Genoa City, and they get back on solid ground. Gen tears up. She confides in Cane about Jack. They talk about rebuilding trust. Cane says if she wants to be with Jack, she'll have to risk being hurt. Lily returns. Gen kisses Cane and asks to do this again. Lily is proud of Cane. Cane tells her it went great. He's excited to think she could become a part of their family. They kiss. Cane thanks Lily for encouraging him to make things right with his mother.


At Newman, Nick and Victor discuss Beauty of Nature. Victor says he's adjusted his strategy. Nick compliments him on helping Victoria find Chelsea. Sharon arrives. Victor gives her an assignment, adding that once he gets Beauty of Nature she'll have more work than she bargained for! Sharon and Nick start testing perfumes and he tells her about Victoria and Billy's baby, and that Chelsea had run off after an argument about Adam. While testing the scents, one reminds them of the burnt coffee Sharon used to make at Crimson Lights, and another one reminds them of the smell of Cassie's bubble bath. They make it a finalist.


At the hospital, Victoria coos to Baby John in one room, while in another, Adam visits Chelsea. She talks about him pulling her from the lake. He doesn't want anyone to know. She thinks it's wrong to keep it a secret - his sister needs to know. Just then, Vikki enters and makes nice with Adam before telling Chelsea the baby is doing well. Chelsea reassures her she'll back up what she signed in court. Victoria exits. Adam tells Chelsea if she tells people he saved her, they will think it was a plot to win him points. She says she respects his choice.


Victoria finds Victor waiting in the other room. She thanks him for helping her, and tells him about Chelsea and Adam's friendship. Victor learns the baby's name is John, and tells Victoria it was a nice gesture to give him that name. He is watching her with the child when Nikki arrives. Victor leaves abruptly. Nick enters with tons of balloons. Nikki thinks this baby will bring the family together. She exits, and Victoria tells Nick how much she loves John, saying, "I love him like my own."


Genevieve arrives at Jack's house and tells him about her visit with 'Ethan'. Jack says it's great that it went well, and talks about new beginnings. He asks if she's ready to go. Genevieve says she needs more time. She tells him to go ahead and she'll meet him in Vegas. Jack is puzzled, and says if they're getting married, why wouldn't they go together?


Adam runs into Sharon at Crimson Lights. She confronts him about Chelsea - she thinks he shouldn't hang out with a con-woman if he wants to be respectable. Adam defends their friendship. Sharon lectures him about backing up his intent to be a better person with action. He says he'll keep it in mind.


Victor enters Chelsea's room, and announces he wants to help her and help his daughter. Chelsea replies, "Neat trick. How does that work?" He wants to ensure she won't renege on the adoption. Victor offers her money to leave town. Nikki listens at the door as Chelsea says it's ironic that Victor now wants to protect Victoria from her, when he sent her to seduce Victoria's husband in the first place.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Phyllis she settled their dad's estate and found an envelope with her name on it.

Michael says they can keep Fenmore safe here. Lauren tells him he's living in a dream world.

Victoria catches Adam looking at the baby through the nursery window. She asks what the hell he's doing there - she told him to stay away from her baby.

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