I Can Hear!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Devon's devices are activated, Abby burns Carmine, and Vikki chooses a baby name.

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Sofia and Neil hear Devon's song on the radio at Crimson Lights. Neil warns her that Tucker will be at the hospital when they go for Devon. Sofia will keep the focus on Devon. Nearby, Chloe tells Kevin she won't live at 'Angelina's' house. Carmine appears and tells Kevin his wife talked him out of leaving. Chloe and Kevin step aside and bicker before leaving. Carmine gets a coffee, which is spilled on him by Abby! It blisters, so says she'll drive him to the hospital.


Lily meets Devon at the hospital, saying he'll finally be able to hear after today. He replies, "Hopefully." Harmony, Tucker, Neil, and Sofia arrive. Devon's nervousness is apparent. He admits he saw some negative outcomes on the internet. Everyone reassures him. Neil calls Tucker out regarding Sofia. Tucker says he's there for Devon. Sofia gives Neil a pep talk about Devon. Meanwhile, Lily and Devon settle in the room where his devices will be activated. They talk about his growing family. Lily tells him whatever happens he can handle it. He says Dru would have said that.


Katherine and Jill arrive at the hospital to see Billy's son, but he's not in the nursery anymore. Vikki and Billy have him in a room and are disagreeing over Vikki's name suggestion, 'Cecil'. Jill and Kay don't like it either. Billy suggests 'Finn' after their bar. Kevin and Chloe arrive, followed by Esther and Delia. Vikki, Chloe, Kay, and Jill chat alone when the baby is taken for tests. Chloe tells them about Carmine sticking around. Katherine compliments Victoria on how she's handled the situation with Chelsea. Kevin returns. Bickering about 'Angelina's' house ensues. Kevin tells Delia it has a treehouse. Esther is sad to think of them moving out.


Neil finds Harmony in the hospital chapel crying and worrying about if Devon's surgery went wrong. She talks about her guilt and how scared Devon seems. She doesn't want to be the cause of more pain. Neil tells her she's not the woman she used to be. She admits she might hit the pipe if something goes wrong today. Neil insists she's changed and they move closer. Meanwhile, Tucker tells Sofia that she won't have to lie to Neil much longer - he's got the inside track on Beauty of Nature. Sofia joins Neil in the chapel as he and Harmony are looking into each other's eyes. Harmony exits. Sofia asks Neil sarcastically if he got a chance to pray.


Abby waits with Carmine in the ER. He is amused by Abby badgering the nurse for service. They chat and flirt. Carmine is fascinated to hear she's The Naked Heiress. When he finds out she hasn't been doing anything lately, he says he bet his buddy she'd fade out of sight once the clothes went back on - he won fifty bucks! Abby storms out.


Devon's family joins him in the room for his devices to be turned on. Sofia waits outside because of Tucker. The technician activates the devices. Everyone peers at Devon expectantly. Devon grins, then sobs - he can hear! Neil hugs him. Tucker cries.


Billy thanks God in the chapel. Victoria joins him. She says she has named the baby John. Billy says, "I love you."


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Adam, "If you hadn't pulled me out of that lake..." He says, "No one is going to know about that."

Cane tells Genevieve if she wants to be with Jack, she'll have to risk being hurt.

Nikki rails at Jack, "You cannot marry this woman just to acquire Beauty of Nature, it's a terrible idea!"

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