Unfair Advantage.

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Gen meets with Tucker, Adam delivers the baby, and Anita returns.

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Abby goes back to Victoria's house looking for Chelsea and fills Billy in on what's going on. Billy realizes his phone's been off. He's ticked that Victoria has gone to Victor.


In Victor's office, Victoria implores him to help her reach Anita and Chelsea. Victor says it may be a blessing in disguise - Chelsea's carrying Billy Abbott's love child. Vikki says it's a son for her and Billy, and a grandson for him, but all he can see is that she married against his wishes. Victor rants about Billy peddling the magazine that mocks their family name, and says horrible things about Billy. Vikki says Billy loves her and they're growing a family. She starts to leave. He stops her and phones Anita, who gets upset that Chelsea is missing. Victor tells Vikki he'll deal with this.


Tucker gets home to find Ashley has heard about him firing Sofia. He says he was going to tell her, but they got caught up talking about Beauty of Nature. He asks about Jack. Ash huffs that he only cares about business. They argue about Tucker doing business with Genevieve. Ashley says she hurt Jack, there's no telling what she'd do to someone she's unconnected to, like Tucker. Tucker hears her, but Ash realizes he won't heed her advice.


Genevieve listens at the Abbott house as Jack tells Nikki he and Gen are getting married - but it's not what she thinks, and not what Genevieve thinks either. He assures her he will file divorce papers as soon as he gets Beauty of Nature. Gen leaves. Nikki rants to Jack about getting sucked in. He says she's the same with Victor. Nikki begs him to drop his plans. Jack insists he has Genevieve's number. Nikki says she tried to kill her last husband! Jack concedes the point. Later, Ashley arrives to discuss Jabot business, but Jack is distracted because Genevieve's late and not answering her phone. The maid says she saw her come in an hour ago. Jack grimaces.


At the pond, Chelsea yelps in pain - the baby's coming now! Adam gets her to the nearby cabin, breaks in, and tries to warm her. Adam is about to go for help, but there's no time - he coaches her to push. The baby is born, but he's gray. Adam gets him to cry. Chelsea takes him and cries, "He's beautiful." Adam takes the baby back and worries about getting an ambulance. She takes the baby and Adam leaves to call for help.


Tucker meets Genevieve at Gloworm. He asks what changed her mind. They discuss Tucker's childhood crush on her. Genevieve gets the feeling he's never told Ashley about them. Tucker says he'll get around to it. They joke about him having an unfair advantage in the negotiations. She mentions staying with the company. He says they could do great things together. Gen tells him he's the frontrunner, but she needs more time - she has to do what's right for her.


Billy and Abby find Chelsea's car on the road as a helicopter goes over. They holler for Chelsea. Billy heads across the ice to get a phone signal.


In Victor's office, he tells Victoria the helicopter spotted Chelsea's car and a light in the cabin. She hugs him, and then goes. Later, Victor gets a report on what's happening. He curses Billy out. Nikki enters. He doesn't tell her what's going on and tries to get rid of her. Anita storms in shouting, "Where is she?" Nikki realizes Victor held out on her.


Victoria arrives in the cabin as Chelsea starts to drift off holding the baby. Vikki takes him and tells Chelsea to rest. Billy comes in and Vikki hands him his son. Victoria checks Chelsea, who's freezing. They wonder who helped her. Chelsea murmurs, "I took my vitamins." Adam watches as they prepare to take Chelsea and the baby to the helicopter. Abby enters and tells them someone had already called an ambulance. Vikki says whoever it was saved their baby's life.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Genevieve he always hoped they'd reconcile. She hisses, "Come on, Jack. I know you're lying to me."

Chelsea says, "I don't want to discuss anything until I see my kid first."

Victor tells Anita, "Take this and don't come back."

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