Epic Fail.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Eden tries to make Daniel jealous, Daisy shows Avery new evidence, and Phyllis makes a decision.

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On the patio at Crimson Lights, Daniel comes upon Phyllis, who has just got information about her father over the phone. He asks what's the matter. Phyllis says she and Avery had a disagreement, and draws his attention to Lucy. They bicker over Daniel not wanting to connect with his daughter. Chloe appears and Phyllis leaves. Chloe tells Daniel, "She is your daughter." She can't imagine not wanting to know Delia. Daniel doesn't want to pretend - it would mess Lucy up more. Talk turns to Kevin and Angelina. He invites Chloe to come with him to Jimmy's for Happy Hour - he's meeting Eden.


Inside Crimson Lights, Nick and Lauren chat about Faith. Lauren is stunned to hear that Sharon is in Kansas helping Adam and he's okay with it. Nick says he's more focused on being happy than making Adam suffer. Lauren says she's not so forgiving.


At the prison, Avery tells Daisy she is getting a hearing - they have to prepare. Avery is uncomfortable when Daisy hugs her. Michael appears and takes Avery aside. He warns through gritted teeth that he won't stand by while she frees Daisy. Avery returns to Daisy and assures her he can't stop the hearing. She tells Daisy she will make everyone see her as a victim - she can prove she was psychologically abused from a young age. Avery wishes they had proof she was forced to hold Lauren and Jana against her will. Daisy thinks Ryder might be able to help. Avery says the hearing is at the end of the week. Daisy says Ryder took videos of Sarah threatening them and put it online - she shows her. Avery says it will really help, and they talk about family and siblings. Daisy asks about getting Lucy back. Avery will do all she can to make it happen.


In Kansas, Sharon watches as Adam searches for his glove in the snow and hands it to him. She offers to help him repair the barbed wire fence, but he wants to do things on his own. After he finishes, they talk about how simple life is when it's just the two of them. He says they're better together. They kiss and go back inside, where Sharon removes his dark glasses and they make love. After, Sharon talks about wanting to hold onto this feeling. Adam says they'll have to take on the world.


At Jimmy's, Eden leaves Daniel a message saying she's looking forward to meeting up with him. Ricky overhears and asks if she's still hung up on that guy. Daniel enters as Ricky taunts her about being obsessed. Chloe comes in behind him and Eden is disappointed. The foursome sits down for beers. Eden flirts with Ricky to make Daniel jealous, but he pays no attention. Ricky follows Eden to the bar and tells her that was an epic fail. At the table, Daniel tells Chloe that he and Eden are just friends. Chloe says Eden has the hots for him.


At the penthouse, Nick tells Phyllis that Lucy and Summer are lucky to have her. They talk about sisters, which leads to Phyllis admitting she called the hospice and her father is dying. Nick hedges about her visiting. She puts Lucy to bed, and then they discuss her father bilking people out of their life savings. She says she can't forgive what happened later. She explains that sick people were thrown out of their long-term care facilities because of him, so she testified against him. He then told everyone she was lying and turned her family against her - he never took responsibility. She tells Nick she doesn't want to see him, but probably should. Nick says he understands now why she fights so fiercely for family. Phyllis cries that her father ruined her life and her family - he can go to hell. Nick says it will never be finished for her unless she visits. Phyllis phones her father's room and tells the nurse she'll be there as soon as she can.


At Gloworm, Michael tells Lauren he has news about Daisy. He arranges to meet with the judge. Lauren hisses that Daisy tried to kill her. Michael promises he won't let Daisy hurt her again. He goes, and Lauren murmurs, "Neither will I."


Michael and Avery face-off in Crimson Lights. He says she's allowing her bitterness toward her sister to make her completely irrational. He wonders if she's prepared to live with the consequences of releasing a monster.


Lauren confronts Daisy in prison. She tells her she might be able to fool Avery, but never her. Lauren says she'll pay for what she did one way or another. Daisy whispers, "We'll see about that."


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill, with Ashley, says, "We have another wedding gift for you, Cane, if you want it."

Jeffrey says to Gloria in Gloworm, "I came about the ad - help wanted?"

Angelina asks Kevin if he's ever had feelings for her, even a little.

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