I Can't Go Back There.

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Avery has news for Phyllis, Paul investigates Anita and Chelsea, and Jack butts head with Sarge.

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At the hospital, Nikki admits to Jack that Victor is using Chelsea and Anita to meddle in Billy and Victoria's marriage. Jack tells her he'll never change, and that he'll never approve of Billy because he's his brother. Nikki still can't believe Victor lied to her face. Jack suggests she talk to him, but Nikki admits he's in Paris with Genevieve. Jack figures he knows why. Nick arrives - he's accompanying Jack to therapy. Jack wishes he could jump out of bed and kick Victor and Genevieve's butts.


Victor welcomes Genevieve into his suite for dinner in France. She comments on how he conducts business. He pours the champagne and says this is how he conducts business with her. They make small talk about Paris, with Genevieve showing her sophistication. They get to talking about Beauty of Nature and what her position would be. They discuss their children and their pasts with Colin and Nikki. Victor muses that corporate life is a lot like romantic relationships. He claims to have known her and Jack wouldn't last. Genevieve leaves, telling Victor he knows where to find her.


At Billy and Vikki's, Chelsea yells at Anita for blowing their whole cover. Anita says she knows exactly how to handle them and suggests they go find them.


Phyllis sees Avery at Crimson Lights. Avery is upset when she doesn't ask about their father. Phyllis reminds Avery that she left and never turned back. Avery tells her he's dying - she needs to go see him before it's too late. Phyllis scoffs that he doesn't care, and tells Avery she's delusional. Avery insists she go and make amends. Phyllis refuses. Avery says she's cold and leaves Phyllis with directions to the hospice facility.


At Gloworm, Paul tells Billy and Victoria that Anita has been pulling scams her whole life. He says Chelsea isn't nearly as dangerous. Paul warns them not to take their eyes off of them, and not believe any of their promises. Anita and Chelsea enter. Anita announces that she has something to tell them - Victor Newman brought them to Genoa City. Chelsea takes off and Victoria follows. Billy asks Anita for details. Paul speculates on her angle and reads off Anita's record. Paul leaves, and Anita tells Billy that Victor doesn't think he's good enough for his daughter but she thinks he's perfect for hers. Billy tells Anita she needs to pack and leave his house. Anita says if she goes, so does Chelsea and his son. Nearby, Paul and Nikki discuss Victor's involvement with Anita and Chelsea.


Victoria catches up with Chelsea on the patio at Crimson Lights. She asks if Victor paid her to seduce Billy. Chelsea says no, that was all her. She met Victor when he showed up to bring Billy home, and later, when Victor learned she was pregnant, he paid for her to come and cause trouble. Victoria asks if she genuinely wants a better life for the baby. Chelsea says yes, and invites Victoria to get rid of Anita. Victoria asks what bonus Victor offered. Chelsea says a chance with Billy. Victoria calls Nikki, who arrives and tells Victoria she should stay clear of those people. Billy appears and agrees - Vikki should move out until the baby's born. Vikki refuses. Nikki warns they can't let their guard down. Billy laughs that Chelsea and Anita are amateurs compared to Victor.


In therapy, Jack's attention is diverted by a therapist named Sarge who is shouting at a woman to lift a spoon. Jack confronts him when he makes her cry. Sarge tells him he gets results and the woman will be back. Jack does his therapy and asks for a minute. Nick goes. Jack watches as the crying woman returns and lifts the spoon. Jack asks Sarge to take over his physical therapy. He says he's booked, but Jack threatens to call the Chief of Staff, so Sarge relents - noon tomorrow.


At Victoria and Billy's house, Chelsea tells Anita to leave. Anita argues that she won't leave her there - they'll screw her over. Paul arrives and tells Chelsea he's given Billy and Victoria a dossier on them and if she hurts them, he will put her away for a long time.

Avery calls Daisy from Gloworm to tell her she can get her sentence reduced. Daisy asks if she'll get Lucy back. Avery says she will if she has anything to say about it.


Nick finds Phyllis at Crimson Lights. She says Avery told her their dad is dying and was all over her to go see him. Nick recalls going with Victor to see Grandpa Albert. He says it was awful, but good to get things off his chest. Phyllis says she can't go back there. Nick holds her.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael angrily tells Avery if she thinks he's going to sit by while she frees Daisy, she's as crazy as Daisy is!

Sharon and Adam make love.

Nick tells Phyllis if she doesn't go see her dad, this will never be finished for her.

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