Billion Dollar Baby.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Chelsea's mother moves in, Ricky and Paul have it out, and Adam agrees to leave town.

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Anita enters Billy and Victoria's house and grills Chelsea about her pregnancy. When Billy cops to being the father, she tells him he'd better marry her girl. Anita is informed that Billy is already married. Anita rants about Chelsea's father the missionary and their pastor - what will they think? Victoria says Chelsea told them she was an absentee mother. Jill tells Anita that Chelsea tricked Billy. Anita apologizes, and announces that she'll take Chelsea home. Billy and Vikki offer for her to move in with Chelsea. Billy takes them upstairs and Jill tells Victoria she doesn't trust Anita. Billy returns and tells Jill they need to keep the baby close.


At Gloworm, Victor talks to Michael about throwing up roadblocks to the sale of Beauty of Nature so Genevieve will sell it back to him. Nikki arrives and says the charges against her were dropped. Victor asks her to have dinner at the ranch. She agrees.


Ashley tells Genevieve, at Jabot, that she's fired. Gen says she's quitting. Traci arrives and tells Genevieve that her things from Jack's were delivered to her home. Gen says she never intended for this to happen. Traci and Ashley say it was a calculated betrayal, and also blame her for not doing a background check on Myrna. Gen says Patty used her to hurt Jack. Traci says she did that on her own. They tell her to go, and leave Jack alone.


Phyllis and Jack talk about experimental treatments in the hospital. A reporter enters and asks Jack about Ricky's story. Phyllis throws him out, and goes to find Ricky. Nikki arrives and discusses Ricky's article with Jack, musing, "Poor Paul." Jack thanks her for sticking by him.


Ricky is approached by Avery at Crimson Lights. He tells her his article went viral. Phyllis arrives and confronts him. He shrugs that he owes her no explanation. Avery applauds his initiative. Paul appears and follows Ricky to the patio. Avery insults Phyllis, who says she's just like her. Outside, Paul defends Patty. Ricky angrily says he never looked out for crazy Isabella, his mother. Paul says that's different. Ricky insists he abandoned her. Paul tells Ricky it was dangerous to approach Patty. Ricky says he knows how that kind of crazy works - from his mother. Paul says Ricky keeps profiting off his family's misery. Ricky tells Paul he's never been his family. Inside, Avery gets a call. She tells Phyllis their dad had a heart attack and she's going to meet their mother. Phyllis refuses to go with her.


Sharon watches as the doctor examines Adam and says there's no improvement. He urges Adam to make arrangements for help. Sharon says he won't be alone. After the doctor leaves, Sharon tries to convince Adam to go to Kansas. He doesn't want to hide. Sharon suggests her house then, but he's certain Victor would object. Sharon spots Victor outside and goes to update him. He's sorry there's no improvement. Adam overhears Victor refusing her request to talk to him. Sharon rejoins Adam and he asks her not to beg Victor. Sharon says at least he asked about him. Adam contemplates whether he deserves this, and says the way he acted when he first came to town is not the way he was with Hope - being around Victor compelled him to be ruthless. He adds Hope was right to be afraid his father would destroy him. Adam decides they should go to Kansas.


Victor enters Jack's room. Jack asks if he came to gloat - he originally brought Patty back to destroy him. Victor gloats instead about Jack losing Beauty of Nature to Genevieve. He tells Jack that Gen won't keep the company. Jack vows to walk again and fight for Beauty of Nature. Later, Traci and Ashley visit to tell him about Genevieve's firing. Jack approves.


In the garage apartment, Anita tells Chelsea she got there just in time - she could tell from her phone calls she was going soft. Chelsea says Billy and Victoria care about the kid. Anita grins that she's percolating the billion dollar baby!


Victor and Nikki discuss Diane at the ranch. Nikki feels guilty because of Kyle. Victor says she's free now. They embrace. They agree to disagree about Jack, and Nikki says she'll move back in.

In his living room, Billy tries to reach Paul to do a background check on Anita.


Jill taunts Genevieve about being fired at Gloworm. Michael appears and says Victor is challenging the legality of the sale of Beauty of Nature. Jill laughs.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Genevieve offers Neil a job.

Gloria slaps Jeffrey across the face as Jill looks on.

As Dino holds a gun on Kevin and Angelina, Angelo orders him by phone to kill Kevin.

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