Get Out.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Genevieve faces Jack, Patty is brought in, and Jill consoles Billy.

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At Crimson Lights, Jill learns that Jack was shot at his wedding.

In Jack's hospital room, he pleads with the doctor to give him the odds that he'll walk again. The doctor tells him to make a list of questions for the specialist. Traci acts optimistic, but Jack asks to be alone. He asks Ashley to get Genevieve. She tells him Patty was Myrna. Jack is shocked. Traci and Billy, meanwhile, join the others in the hall. Phyllis and Nick leave, and Nikki tells Vikki that Jack is still one of her best friends. She thinks they should let Victor know about Jack, but Vikki says he won't care.

At the station, Emily tells Tucker they've found Patty, but there's no telling how she'll react if she's cornered.


Up in the church storage area, Patty threatens to jump from the window, but Paul tells her it's okay and asks the others to leave. She tells him that liar man said he was his son. Paul sings their song. Father Todd joins in and enters the room. Patty laughs. Once she's calm, Ronan and Ricky re-enter. Paul says she has to come with them because she hurt some people. Ronan notices the needlepoint kitty in her purse.


At Genevieve's house, Victor tells her he is concerned about her, and is there to offer his help. She wants to focus on Jack's recovery, not Beauty of Nature. Victor warns that to Jack, business is personal - he won't forgive her. Victor offers her protection if she puts Beauty of Nature under the Newman umbrella. She says she's had enough protection to last a lifetime. Gen is certain she can explain things to Jack because they love each other. Victor smirks that she doesn't know Jack at all.


Billy and Vikki arrive at home. Vikki goes to make tea, and Jill knocks. Billy tells her Jack is out of surgery but he may never walk again. Jill cries out and embraces Billy. He tells her about the shooting. Jill assures him he couldn't have stopped it - he just has to be there for him now. Jill tells Billy now much they all need him and hugs him. Vikki joins them and Jill says Genevieve needs to go.


On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nikki tells Victor that Jack may not walk again. He wonders who will run the company in the meantime. Nikki is shocked that he's not considering his role in all this. Nikki says he brought her back to torment Jack - now he's in a hospital bed. Nikki can't believe he doesn't care - he knows what Jack is going through. She thinks he's just pretending to have no heart.


Todd and Paul bring Patty into the station. Ricky follows and Ronan calls off the press and then shows Patty the pillows. She says she worked very hard on those - one for everyone at the park! Ronan tells Paul that Deacon told the truth. Ricky joins the conversation. Ronan remarks on him saying he heard everything on the police scanner. Emily appears and Patty sizes her up. Ronan takes Patty to be photographed. Todd goes with Emily, and Paul asks Ricky why he lied - nothing went out over the police scanner. Ricky doesn't think it matters. Paul walks away and rejoins Patty and Todd.


Genevieve arrives at the hospital as Tucker, Traci, and Ashley discuss Patty being found down the hall. Gen enters Jack's room. She says she knew nothing about Myrna/Patty. He knows, but asks about her not coming to the wedding, and FMN. She tells him it's true, FMN is hers. He asks if the plan's been going on since they met. Gen tells him it was her chance to have something just for herself. He wonders why she couldn't just tell him. She was afraid she'd lose him. Jack grimly says she looked at his bid! He asks why she wasn't at the wedding. Gen says she didn't have the guts to face him. Jack scoffs at her sending a note. Gen wants to work through this, but Jack says, "No. Get out." She sobs that she's sorry and leaves. Ash and Traci check on Jack. He doesn't want to talk about it. They tell him Patty was caught.


At the penthouse, Phyllis and Nick discuss Jack's situation. Nick says he'll be alright, and so will they. Phyllis remarks on how many times they've thrown away this great thing they have. She tells him, "You're every minute, every second to me." he says it's the same she means to him. They embrace. Nick asks if she's going to write about this. Phyllis says she wouldn't do that to Jack. Nick leaves. Ricky arrives and tells Phyllis they got Patty and he was right there to get the scoop.


Genevieve gets home and calls Victor. She says she's been thinking about his offer and wants to meet.


Nikki appears at Jack's bedside and reaches out a hand to console him.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam's doctor tells him it's unlikely his condition will change - the damage appears to be irreversible.

Cane asks Lily to marry him again.

Jack asks the doctor, "When can I walk out of this place?" The doctor says there's very little chance of that ever happening.

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