No Guarantee.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Jack is rushed into surgery, Sharon stands by Adam, and Paul searches for Patty.

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At the church, Billy scrambles to help Jack and Patty grabs Abby while holding the gun on everyone. Traci and Ashley beg Patty not to take Abby, but she does. Traci calls 911. Soon, Abby re-enters with Paul and Ronan. She says Patty told her to lay down and then took off. Paul fills Ashley and the others in on Patty being in the park and working for Genevieve. Victor and Nikki appear. Billy tells them Patty's back and tried to kill Jack.


On the patio at Crimson Lights, Ricky looks at the computer files he stole from Paul. Inside, Emily and Tucker are on the phone with the authorities alerting them about Patty being in town. Tucker gets a call about what's happened at the church. Emily feels responsible. Ricky listens as they discuss Patty.

In the potting shed, Adam tells the paramedics he still can't see, and that Patty Williams did it. Sharon calls the police.


Cane speaks to Genevieve on the phone from Lily's house. She tells him she canceled the wedding. He says she did the right thing. Gen tells him she's leaving town and will call. After, Cane reads a report about Jack. They decide to go find Genevieve.


Genevieve answers her door to Paul and Victor, who tells her Jack has been shot. Genevieve panics. Paul explains that his sister, Patty, did it. Gen is shocked to hear that she was Myrna. Paul goes to search and Victor stays. Gen tells Victor it makes her sick to think Patty was watching her with Jack.


At the hospital, Vikki comforts Billy. Nikki gets a call from Victor and tells him Jack is in surgery. She hangs up and tells everyone Gen is safe, and Patty was posing as her housekeeper. The doctor tells them Jack has a lacerated kidney, and the bullet is lodged near his spine. Tucker arrives. Traci and Abby commiserate about Colleen, and wanting Patty locked up. Traci and Billy discuss Kyle. Traci thinks they should wait to call him. Genevieve arrives with Victor. Billy tells her what's happening with Jack. Traci says Patty showed up in her wedding dress. Abby asks why Gen wasn't there. As Cane and Lily arrive, Nikki steps forward and says Gen bought Beauty of Nature and called off her engagement because everything was about to blow up in her face. Gen tells her side of things. Ashley calls her selfish and deceitful. Cane and Lily defend Genevieve, reminding them of all the crap they've pulled in business.


In a hospital room, a doctor tells Sharon and Adam there's no guarantee that when the bandages come off he'll be able to see. Sharon comforts Adam. Adam gives his statement to the police. Sharon steps out, but assures him she'll be back. In the corridor, she meets Victor and asks how he got there so fast. He tells her about Jack. Sharon tells him Patty had another victim - Adam. Victor looks in at Adam and asks why she called. Sharon says Adam has always worried about going blind like Hope - she wants Victor to talk to him. Victor refuses. Sharon wants him to show compassion, but Victor says he's a psychopath and leaves. Sharon rejoins Adam, who tells her he's scared. She promises not to leave his side. In another part of the hospital, Victor authorizes Michael to fly in another eye specialist, but Adam cannot know he did it. He goes to rejoin the Abbotts and sees them telling Genevieve she's not wanted there. Gen leaves with Cane and Lily.


In his car, Paul arranges to meet Ronan at the potting shed. When he arrives Ronan points out Adam's blood. He says she hit him and put poison in his eyes. Paul wonders what they were doing together. Ronan says Patty's avoiding the usual places. Paul has a thought and he and Ronan drive to Father Todd's parish. Paul reminisces about his family along the way.


Patty enters a church and cries in the office. In the same church, Ricky introduces himself to Father Todd Williams. They discuss his journalistic aspirations, and then Ricky says he came to talk about Patty. Todd gets up to speed on Patty's actions. Ricky says he thought she might show up there. Todd warns Ricky to keep his distance if he finds her. Ricky goes, and Todd prays. Ronan and Paul arrive. Todd tells them Ricky told him everything.


Ricky enters a storage area in the church and startles Patty. He tells her he's been looking forward to meeting her, and introduces himself. He says he'll protect her.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Genevieve he can't be her son anymore.

Ricky says to Patty, "If it's your wedding night, shouldn't you two be together?" She tells him he's making her mad.

The surgeon operating on Jack says they're losing him.

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