No Happy Ending.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Patty hides from a dog, those in lock-up turn on each other, and Jack learns he didn't win Beauty of Nature.

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At the jail, Ronan and Walsh watch those in lock-up. Ronan decides to take the cuffs off the men and stir the pot. Walsh watches the women. Abby rants, and Ashley gripes that they're there because of pillows. Abby notes none of them know how to cross-stitch. Ash says the police need to look elsewhere. In the men's lock-up, they turn on Adam. Victor says they're all in this predicament because Adam tried to frame him. The ladies are also bickering. Nikki thinks the situation with the pillows is very methodical and wonders who did it.


Sharon catches up with Avery in Crimson Lights and says she can't reach Victor. Avery's amused that she's worried about him. Later, Ricky arrives and spots Paul. He asks him about Nikki being the perp, and talks about the obstruction of justice charges. They head to the station.


Michael and Billy arrive at the station to see about Victor and Victoria being held. Gen arrives and says Jack is with them. Michael says he may not be released in time for the wedding. Ronan appears and they challenge him. Avery and Sharon arrive and Michael fills them in on who's locked-up. Sharon tells Avery to keep it quiet, but she's going to pay Adam's bail. Nearby, Michael argues with Ronan about the situation. Paul and Ricky arrive. Ricky sidles over to Avery and tries to cut a deal to get inside information - he offers to have his contact change the order of the arraignments. Avery realizes she could leave Phyllis stewing - she agrees, Ricky arranges for Phyllis to be arraigned last, and Avery fills him in on the details of the arrests. Paul spots Gen and asks her about Myrna. She steps away and calls Davis, telling him to stall the breaking news about Beauty of Nature until she prepares Jack. Paul searches for his keys. Ricky enters from outside and pulls them out of his pocket, pretending to find them on the floor. Paul heads out and Ricky looks at a flashdrive in his hand, saying, "You could have just told me what was on the computer, Dad."


Walsh decides to send Deacon in with the men as they continue to attack Adam, and Adam fires back. Once inside, Deacon says Diane told him how Adam wanted to take 'Pops' down. He explains the plan, saying that Diane wanted to back out and asked all of them for money with no luck - she had to go through with helping Adam. Victor tells Adam he cares about nothing and no one. Adam says he cares about his wife. Jack holds back an angry Nick and Victor glowers. Nick is taken out and the others quiz Adam about Beauty of Nature. Adam confirms that Jack's bid was trumped. Next door, the ladies discuss the details, and Abby remembers having mud on her hands and pants and not knowing how it got there. Abby is taken to be arraigned. Ashley talks to Nikki about how much she's been through, and how Victor always has a plan, but it seems like Victor hurts her the most. Ashley is taken out and Nikki thanks Phyllis for not publishing the real story behind her marriage to Deacon. Nikki's taken out, leaving Phyllis alone.


Vikki tells Billy about lock-up at the Club bar. She's glad to be there and not home with Chelsea. Vikki says Jack and Gen must be relieved that their wedding day wasn't ruined.


Jack joins Gen in the station and tells her he lost Beauty of Nature. He stops Tucker and asks if he has any idea who got it - he doesn't. Adam and Avery appear. She tells him his bail was paid. He spots Sharon across the room. Victor appears with Michael and he's free to go. Nikki walks in as Victor leaves with Sharon. Phyllis is next. Avery tells her to imagine how their dad feels in a cell. Phyllis realizes she arranged to keep her there longest. She joins Nick. Deacon and Abby are also there. He tells her that her secrets are still in the dark. Walsh can't believe they got nothing. Ronan says they'll have to dig deeper.


Ricky takes a coffee from Paul at Crimson Lights and then leaves. Paul sits down at his laptop and says, "Alright Myrna, why don't you help me out here." He realizes the information is missing.


Patty panics in the potting shed as Segundo barks at the door. She wills him to go away. A security guard opens the door to the potting shed. Patty hides. When the coast is clear, Patty fashions a halo out of flowers and hums the wedding march before crushing it and saying, "No happy ending for Jack or Gen."


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack says to Gen, "FMN? Who is that?"

Jill spots a filthy Jeffrey downing coffee in Crimson Lights.

Sharon asks Victor what's next for them. Victor replies, "An annulment."

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