Kevin And Chloe Aren't Getting Married.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Angelina costs Kevin his wedding, Billy makes a split-second decision, and Nikki hits the bottle again.

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At the church, Michael frets as Angelo takes Kevin with him to Devon's studio to help Angelina. Lauren, Fen, Gloria, Daniel, and Eden arrive. Jack and Gen enter with Kyle. Jack announces Kyle will be going to school in Lake Placid. Lauren congratulates Gen and Jack on their engagement. Phyllis arrives and asks if anyone's seen Nick. He appears with Faith and Avery. Phyllis tells him Summer has the sniffles, and asks him to be sure Avery's not around during his Daddy/Summer days.


At the Chancellor estate, Billy learns that Delia has clearance from her doctor to go to the wedding. Chloe, Vikki, Jill, Esther, Murphy and Katherine all celebrate. Delia gets into her dress and everyone raves. Vikki appears in red, and Billy says she looks as beautiful as the day he married her. Chloe follows - she looks stunning. Murphy says Kevin is one lucky guy. Billy and Murphy go. Vikki and Chloe marvel over being friends, bond with the older women, and hug Delia.


At Gloworm, Nikki tells Deacon she's meeting Michael, and asks him to get out of her space. Deacon says it's Christmas Eve, and he misses her. She says she loathes him. He suggests they go to an AA meeting. She says he lied about being at the park the night Diane died. He implies that he left work and witnessed the murder. She pushes him away and leaves.


Sharon visits Victor and wishes him a Merry Christmas. He asks her to go home. Sharon says they're both alone - he should let her stay. Nikki arrives and questions Sharon being there. Nikki tells Victor she came to see him because he's alone. He bellows, "Obviously I'm not." Nikki is hurt, and leaves. Sharon calls him on shutting everyone out, adding it's time he let someone in. Sharon brought him books - he smiles that she's done the impossible - put him in the holiday spirit. They compare notes on Christmas. Sharon reads to him.


At the studio, Devon tells Kevin they need him for one take - Angelina needs to see his face. Angelo leaves for the church, telling Kevin he can go once the take is wrapped. When Kevin leads Angie out, she pretends to faint. He ushers her outside, worrying that she'll puke in the car. She says she's pregnant from Carmine. Kevin moans that he's dead. Suddenly, they get shot at. Angie says it was Carmine - he thinks the baby is Kevin's. Kevin jams her in the car. She tells him they can't go to the church - Carmine will be waiting. The only way to protect Chloe is to run.


Billy arrives at the church and tells Jack that Delia is coming. Murphy says all the girls will be there soon. Jack teases Billy about re-marrying Vikki. Billy says it will happen when it happens. Jill and Katherine arrive. Jill calls Gen 'Bridezilla' when she learns of her engagement. Lauren spots Eden with Daniel and asks what's going on. They smirk. Angelo appears and tells Michael that Kevin will be along any minute. He realizes Chloe has arrived and gasps, "Oh no." He admits Kevin isn't there yet. Chloe confronts Angelo, who insists Kevin was right behind him. Chloe's phone rings - it's Kevin calling off the wedding - he's afraid she would get hurt if they got married. He says he's sorry. Chloe hangs up and tells Billy and Vikki there's not going to be a wedding tonight. She muses it's a shame for all this to go to waste. Vikki goes to make the announcement. Billy wants to ask Chloe something. She tells him to do it. As Vikki announces that Kevin and Chloe aren't getting married, Billy whispers for her to say that it doesn't mean there won't be a wedding. He has her ask them to stay while she marries the man she loves. Chloe nods her approval. Everyone claps.


Nikki returns to Gloworm and orders a drink as Deacon watches, shaking his head. Deacon approaches and asks what drove her back to the booze. She says he's full of it. He says all he wants to do is take care of her. She gets a text that Vikki's getting married and heads out drunkenly. Deacon tries to call her a cab.


In Kevin's car, Angie hums and he huffs in frustration.


At the church, Chloe agrees to stand up with Victoria and they embrace. Jack jokes that Billy's going to beat him to the altar. Lauren and Gloria speculate on what's happened with Kevin. Katherine hopes Nikki hurries.


Nikki is unconscious behind the wheel of her car - she's hit a tree.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki meets her guardian angel.

Nikki and her guardian angel watch as Victoria wonders why her mother didn't show up, and tells Billy she's afraid for her.

The guardian angel tells Nikki that Victor (in deep thought behind bars) is remembering how much he loves her.

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