Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Victor enacts a plan, Nick changes his mind, and Emily runs into Paul.

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At home, Vikki and Billy finish a board game with Reed. Vikki asks Billy to go Christmas shopping after he drops Reed off at Delia's. Jack phones and Billy says he'd like to stop by and get more specifics on Jabot. After, Billy explains to Vikki that this is his back-up plan since he couldn't get Restless Style back.


Sitting on the patio at Crimson Lights, Tucker and Ashley discuss him seeing Emily for therapy. He says her link to Jack isn't an issue, but Ash disagrees. He reminds her that Emily is not Patty, adding that he suggested Emily come to Genoa City. Ashley flips. She tells him to get another therapist.


Ronan tells the D.A. what he's got on Nikki Newman at the station. They get the warrant expedited and head out.


Inside the coffee house, Adam greets Nick, who tells him to shut up. They bicker about whether Adam set-up Victor, and then about Sharon. Nick says she seems to be just friends with Sam, but she'll never go back to Adam. Nick leaves, and Adam notices police officers getting a call to go to the ranch.


In the stable, a drunk and upset Nikki insists to Victor that she killed Diane. Victor argues that she didn't do it. Nikki tells him that when she came back to town, she was drinking, and saw him in the park with Diane. She thinks she may have seen Victoria too, but she passed out. Nikki cries that when she woke up there was a bloody rock beside her and her clothes were stained. Nikki goes on about letting her family be accused until she passes out. Victor whispers that he'll make everything all right. When Ronan and the police arrive, Victor is alone and acting drunk. He confesses to killing Diane. Ronan says he's covering for Nikki, but Victor keeps it up, saying he injected the bitch and then bashed her in the head. Adam appears, and Victor urges him to back up his story. Adam hesitates before confirming that he saw the whole thing. Ronan yells, "Cuff him!" After Victor and the police have gone, Adam calls Sharon and tells her what happened.


At the Club, Emily proves to Paul that she is not Patty. Paul reminds her that Patty has fooled him before. Emily admits it's unsettling being back, but overdue. Paul tells her Patty escaped and was in South America for a while, but he's lost track of her. Emily admits she still struggles with what Patty did. Later, Tucker meets up with Emily, who apologizes if she caused problems with Ashley. Tucker admits she was upset. He says he'll have to stop therapy with her. Emily respects him putting family first.


Billy arrives at Jack's house, where his brother works to convince him to rejoin Jabot. Billy wants to do right by Delia and Victoria - get his act together. Jack suggests he look after PR and marketing. Ashley enters. Billy says he'll think about the offer and leaves. Ashley and Jack talk business - he proposes they go after Beauty of Nature. Ashley marvels at how optimistic and happy Jack seems. Later, Jack opens the door to Emily, who asks for a moment to prove she's not Patty. Once he's sure she's Emily, they admit they still think of each other. Patty watches from outside.


Nick stops by Victoria's house where they agree Adam should move back to Kansas. Vikki says she resigned from Newman, but wonders if Nick would go back. Nick admits the magazine might not be the best place for him anymore. He explains that he fired Phyllis due to complications. Vikki suggests he consider selling the magazine to Billy after all. Nick wants to figure out his next move first. Vikki suggests they go into business together. Billy enters and says he's not sure about Jack's offer. Nick tells him he's changed his mind - he'll sell him Restless Style.


At the station, Michael is stunned to realize Victor's being booked. He challenges Ronan, who tells him his client confessed. Paul listens as the D.A. compliments Ronan on the arrest. Paul thinks it seems too easy. Nearby, Michael questions Victor who thinks back to hiding Nikki in the stable when he learned the police were coming for her.


At the Club, Ashley tells Tucker he was right - Emily is not Patty. Tucker says he already told Emily he can't continue with her, and warns Ashley she's in town. Tucker's phone sounds - he learns Victor confessed to Diane's murder. Tucker is upset when Ashley is so certain that Victor isn't the killer.

In New Mexico, Sharon books a flight home.

At the stable, Adam leaves, and Nikki appears from underneath the straw.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon asks Victor to look her in the eye and tell her he killed Diane.

Victor says he's guilty. Nikki says she doesn't believe him and she doesn't think Michael believes him.

Patty watches Jack kissing Genevieve.

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