Butt Out.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Devon resists advice, Ronan and Phyllis make a deal, and Patty keeps busy.

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Tucker opens his door to Katherine and tells her she's got a lot of nerve. Ashley and Tucker both tell her to go, but she's not leaving until they talk. Katherine tells them that Delia is in remission. Excited, Ashley takes off to visit. Katherine tells Tucker that Murphy urged her to reach out again. She says if they're going to turn things around with Devon, they need to work together. Tucker disagrees, saying even if he could stomach it, it wouldn't work. He dismisses her.


At Crimson Lights, Paul tells Devon how he urged Katherine to reveal the secret of his paternity, adding that she was misguidedly trying to protect him by keeping it. Devon says he has no use for Tucker or Katherine. Later, Ashley spots Devon and asks if he's coming to the wedding. He says he's not. Ashley asks him to reconsider, saying he might regret holding a grudge. As Devon tells Ashley to butt out, Abby appears. Devon leaves. Ashley explains what happened.


Adam introduces himself to Genevieve at Gloworm. Behind him, Abby pipes up that Genevieve will stay far away from him once she hears what he's doing to Uncle Jack and the rest of them - he killed Diane and is setting them up to look guilty. Abby accuses Adam of being behind the stunt at the warehouse. Adam has no idea what she's talking about. Abby tells him all about it, noting that whoever filmed them all is likely the killer. Adam says he didn't kill Diane and wasn't involved in any snuff films.


In bed with Phyllis at his place, Ronan tells her he might be able to get the charges against her dropped by telling the D.A. she co-operated on the Diane murder case. Ronan wants her to tell him what went on at the warehouse. Phyllis tells him once they got there, the lights went out and a film started playing. She says Adam wasn't in the film - he may be behind it. Ronan says, "Not necessarily." He thinks there may be someone else out there pulling strings, who may also be the murderer.


In Avery's bed, Nick invites her to ask him whatever she wants. His phone rings - he hears the recording of himself threatening Diane. He quickly dresses as Avery asks questions. Nick gives her the short version of what's going on, and assures her he didn't kill Diane. Avery believes him. She offers to be his lawyer and suggests they find Ronan.


On a park bench, Patty sits playing the recording into a phone. She murmurs, "Scared Nick? Should be." Jack appears and asks 'Myrna' what's going on. Patty runs away. Genevieve appears and asks if that was Myrna. Jack says everything about that woman is odd. He tells Genevieve about Delia, and invites her to join him at Ashley's wedding. She accepts, and they decide to go to his house.


Patty lets herself into Jack's house with her old key. She recalls Jack carrying her over the threshold, then picks up a photo of him. She scoffs at him dating Genevieve and calls herself the mistress of the Abbott mansion. Patty sits on the sofa and flashes to talking to her kitty. Jack and Genevieve arrive and Patty hides. She tries to slip out, but notices her scarf on the couch. She grabs it when the houseman comes to the door. Later, the houseman gives Gen a rabbit's foot he found out back. She wrinkles her nose - it looks like a cat's foot!


Avery and Nick arrive at Ronan's place. He opens the door and Avery asks who he was talking to. He says he was on the phone. Phyllis listens from the washroom as Nick tells him it was his voice on the recording and he wants to make a statement. As Ronan is telling him to come to the station in the morning, Avery turns to go into the washroom. Ronan yells, "No!" She and Nick leave. Phyllis emerges and tells Ronan that Avery and Nick are sleeping together. They kiss and go to bed again.


Back at Avery's suite, she tells Nick she saw a high-heeled boot and thinks Ronan had a woman in there. Nick and Avery start making out.


Patty runs into the park and sees Paul. As he leaves, Adam grabs Patty. He asks her about the movie she made and warns she'll get caught. She says she's sorry. He tells her to leave town. She refuses - why should she leave when they all hurt Diane? She orders Adam to leave her alone or she'll tell what he did. Adam looks puzzled after she goes.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

In Myanmar, Cane is approached by a man who says, "I understand you've been asking a lot of questions."

Angelina tells Chloe, "I don't see a ring on your finger." Chloe replies that she's about to see a fist in her face.

Billy tells a very large man, "I just want to see her, man. I just want to see my daughter."

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