Genoa City's Finest.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Phyllis and Ronan's flirtation heats up, Cane and Lily make love, and Abby suffers a disappointment.

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Abby arrives at Tucker and Ashley's place. They discuss the night they each fought with Diane and worry about the police seeing the film. Abby feels they should stay totally united. Tucker grins. He says if he can make this progress with Abby, maybe it could happen with Devon. Abby is skeptical - Devon already has a family. She goes on and on about how great Devon is, seems to have an epiphany, and leaves. Tucker asks Ash if knowing he confronted Diane changed things for them. Ash reassures him, and asks him to set the wedding date with her.


Phyllis sits beside Ronan at Gloworm. She refers to him as 'Genoa City's finest', and says fate brought her there. She suggests they decompress from the craziness together. They move to a table and continue to flirt. She offers him some 'discreet' company. He says he knows she's just trying to get answers about Adam. She denies it, and tells him they shouldn't be enemies - they could be so much more. Ronan challenges her to unburden her secrets. She won't talk, but also doesn't want to end their evening. Ronan gets a call and says he's going back to the station, but they should talk again soon.


Heather buys Ricky a coffee at Crimson Lights. They chat about work. Heather is surprised that Ricky feels no emotions about Sharon's case. He says he's had to fight for everything and asks if she'd like to compare sob stories. Paul appears. He suggests they spend the holidays together. Ricky and Heather agree. When Ricky steps away, Paul tells Heather that Chance is back, and that he was working with Ronan.


At Neil's, he and Devon discuss Cane saving Lily's life. Devon asks how things are going with Moses. Neil talks about the sleepless nights, adding that he and Sofia are finding their way. Devon gets a call from Abby wanting to meet. Neil teases Devon about the friendship. Sofia appears and gushes about Moses. Devon goes. Neil and Sofia chat and joke. A letter is delivered - it's Sofia's official divorce. Neil comforts her. She removes her ring. Neil promises he won't run anywhere. He brings the baby to her.


Cane arrives at Lily's door. She pulls him into a kiss. He explains he didn't come last night because he was working with the authorities. He says he needs to see Colin before he's deported. Lily wants to come with him.


Abby greets Devon at the Crimson Lights patio. She tells him she's had a revelation - she says it's a good thing, and she hopes he thinks so too. Suddenly, Roxy appears to surprise Devon. He says Abby was about to tell him something. Abby stammers that it was nothing and takes off. Inside, Ricky approaches Abby as she watches Devon and Roxy. He asks, "Haven't I seen you naked?" Abby isn't impressed with his come on and leaves after calling him arrogant. Ricky watches Paul and Heather. Outside, Roxy presents Devon with a monogrammed notebook for his lyrics. They kiss.


Cane and Lily enter Colin's holding room. She tells him she's glad he's locked up. Colin says it won't last. Cane thinks he's lost everything - he could have had love. They leave. Genevieve appears. She tells him she spoke to their old friend Marty, who might pay him a visit in prison. Colin says that brightens his spirits. He asks why she helped him. She shrugs - perhaps a moment of insanity. She goes. Ronan arrives and Colin is lead away to be deported.


Back at home, Lily reflects on Colin finally being gone. Cane wishes he could have made it happen sooner. He says he should go. She asks why and moves in for a kiss. They slowly undress and make love by candlelight. After, they lay in each other's arms.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Sharon he's tried to be supportive for Noah and Faith's sake. She replies, "You think I deserve to be here, don't you?"

Chloe proposes to Kevin.

Avery tells Adam she would feel sorry for him if he weren't so willing to take this out on his client.

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