The Results Are In.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Chloe gets terrible news regarding Delia, Nina confronts Ronan, and Sharon's pre-trial hearing is held.

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At Crimson Lights, Noah speaks to Jack on the phone about going to Sharon's pre-trial hearing. Jack wants to be around for Kyle after his first day at school. Noah tells Jack that Devon understood his decision to work for him. He hangs up and joins Nick. On the patio, Sam offers to fix Victoria's hot water heater at the house. Nick and Noah greet them and ask if they're coming to Sharon's hearing.


At the courthouse, Victor tells Nikki by phone that he's glad she got his flowers. He spots Heather and grills her about who authorized Adam leaving town. Heather says he's having surgery and will return. Victor thinks it's fishy, given their past relationship, and warns her that if the judge thinks so, her career will be short-lived. He goes, and Walsh enters to tell Heather she'll be going head-to-head with Avery Clark. He says Avery statistically loses more when going against a female prosecutor. Avery arrives and acts flustered. Heather tells Walsh she's got this. Sharon greets Noah, Nick, Sam, Victor, and Victoria in the corridor. They go in. Victor and Nick hang back to talk about Nikki and Sam. The hearing gets underway, and Avery quickly takes control, getting the court to agree that Sharon's escape cannot be raised in the new trial. During a break, Victor tells Avery about Heather's past with Adam.


Phyllis comes into the coffeehouse with Lucy and the nanny. Kevin pours coffee, and Phyllis tells Lucy to say hi to Uncle Kevin. He's pleased that Phyllis wants him to be part of her life. They discuss Daisy. Phyllis says she writes to ask about Lucy, and assures him she isn't trying to help them bond. Kevin is glad, but thinks it's sad she'll have no one to call 'mom'. Kevin gets word about Delia being sick and leaves.


Chloe rushes into the hospital, where Jill tells her Delia is undergoing tests and Esther's with her. She says she left messages. Esther and Delia return with the doctor, who says they need to do a bone marrow test. Chloe struggles not to panic as Jill and Esther exchange looks. Esther says Kevin is on the way. Jill and Chloe argue about Billy being unreachable. Delia is taken for her test and Chloe sobs that she can't forgive Billy for abandoning their daughter. Jill goes into the corridor where Kevin arrives, followed by Jack. Jill and Jack discuss Billy. Jill cries that Chloe could use his help now. Kevin checks in with Chloe in the hospital room and learns she was with Ronan when Delia was brought in. Kevin tells her not to beat herself up about it.


Ronan goes to the Chancellor Estate looking for Chloe. He tells Nina they had a conversation that didn't go well and he wants to apologize. Nina realizes he's interested in Chloe, and wonders if this is belated sibling rivalry with Chance. She asks about Heather, and then suggests he leave both girls alone. Ronan is stunned she thinks he would take advantage of Chloe. Nina says he's exasperating, and tells him Chloe's at the hospital.


In the corridor at the courthouse, Victoria gets a call from Kevin about Delia. She tells everyone, and leaves, cursing Billy under her breath. Court reconvenes, and Avery brings up Heather's past with Adam as she attempts to get the audiotape of Skye and Sharon banned from the trial. Heather argues and the motion is denied.


Delia returns to her hospital room and Jack sits by her. He comforts Chloe, telling her she's been a wonderful mom since the day Delia was born. In the corridor, Nina arrives, followed by Victoria, who heads in to see Chloe. Phyllis appears also, saying she came to support Chloe. She hugs Jack. In the room, Victoria tells Chloe she doesn't know how to reach Billy. Chloe says his name makes her crazy. Victoria agrees. Chloe steps out just as Ronan arrives. She is angry toward him. He feels it's because they were together when Delia needed her and offers to help find a great doctor. Chloe tells him to leave. Kevin watches from a distance. In the waiting area, Phyllis and Jack discuss Lucy. She's thinking of being her 'mom' since she'll never know Daisy. Jack doesn't approve of how she got Lucy, but supports her idea. Chloe gathers everyone to hear Delia's test results - she has leukemia. The doctor says she needs a bone marrow transplant. Chloe cries that she'll be the donor and goes to see Delia. Kevin tells Ronan to leave. In the hospital room, Esther and Jill cry along with Chloe. In the waiting area, Victoria vows to find Billy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Avery that after that performance, he has complete faith in her. She wishes she could say the same about him.

Michael asks Phyllis, "Do you really think you'll be able to avoid each other forever?" She says, "Yes I do."

Chloe and Katherine stand over Delia. Chloe says, "What if I fail?" Katherine says it's not an option.

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