She's Ours!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Phyllis learns the truth, Paul and Chance track Kevin, and Michael turns to Angelo.

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Paul arrives at the Chancellor Estate to help with the search for Kevin. Heather tells him Delia wasn't able to help them with clues. The doorbell rings - it's Gloria and Jeffrey. She's frantic about Kevin and is steamed that no one would listen when she and Chloe tried to tell them about Jana being crazy. Paul looks for activity on Jana and Kevin's credit cards. They all discuss Kevin's previous abduction and what it took for him to recover. Jeff takes Michael aside and tells him Kevin has been taking meetings with sketchy mafioso types - he wonders if Kevin agitated them. Lauren assures Chloe and Gloria that Kevin knows how to handle Jana.


In the closet, Kevin throws Delia's ball against the wall. He hollers at Jana this isn't a great idea, and they could work something out. Jana says he has to trust that she knows what she's doing. The train goes by and she thinks. Jana then opens the closet and tells Kevin they're going on a field trip. She takes him to the train station with the gun in his ribs. Jana forces him to buy tickets to Florida. He turns his back on the security camera and leaves a code using his fingers.


Vikki cuddles Lucy in her room. She promises to protect her, saying she needs to get Daniel to sign over his rights. Downstairs, Daniel, Phyllis, and Billy discuss Jana and Kevin. Daniel insists that Kevin is innocent. Phyllis is saying she's glad the baby is safe, when Vikki comes down and asks, "What do you want?" Billy says Phyllis was worried about them. Phyllis tells him everything is under control at the office. Vikki thanks her, and apologizes for snapping. Daniel and Phyllis leave. Outside, Phyllis asks why he was so tense. He says it's because Kevin's getting blamed. Inside, Victoria tells Billy she they can't predict what people are going to do. Billy says no one will take her from them - they'll have to kill him first. Vikki asks questions about Primrose, saying they have to contact her to find out how much Daisy knows about this. Billy reminds Vikki that he's never let her down, and that Daniel is on their side.


Daniel and Phyllis arrive at the Chancellor Estate to find out about Kevin being mixed up in the kidnapping. Paul and Chance say they haven't used their credit cards. Chloe talks about Jana being obsessed with Kevin and how they were hot on the trail to find Daisy's baby. Phyllis demands details. Chloe talks about Kevin helping Jana who had legit information, but he thought Daniel sabotaged him. Michael sneers that it wouldn't be the first time. Chloe says Jana thought the baby was close to Genoa City. Lauren begins to worry about Daisy. Gloria asks Michael not to get distracted - they need to find Kevin. Michael decides to go looking. Jeff suggests he asks Angelo. Chance and Paul take off upon learning that Kevin used his credit card at the train station. Kay and Chloe discuss Kevin. Kay muses that he may still be loyal to Jana.


Phyllis follows Daniel to Crimson Lights and demands an explanation about why he's constantly undermining the search for his child. Daniel tells Phyllis, "Maybe I know where she is." He tells her the baby has a good home with great parents and never has to know about Daisy, unless they mess it up. Phyllis is relieved that she's in a good home, but doesn't think his daughter should be cut out of their lives. Phyllis starts putting everything together - she realizes that Lucy is his daughter. Daniel nods that she's in good hands. Phyllis says it's a miracle, but disagrees with Daniel wanting to let her go. She says, "She's ours!"

Paul and Chance speak to the man at the train station, who tells them that Jana and Kevin just left for Orlando.


Back at the classroom, Jana tells Kevin that everyone thinks they're on the train - they've bought themselves a few days of privacy. Kevin goes back in the closet while Jana makes an Ouija board and asks for a sign - it spells out NUTS.


Michael arrives at the Club and introduces himself to Angelo. He asks if he knows anything about Kevin being held against his will. Angelo wonders if he wants his help, and offers it in return for Michael's services one day.


Chance and Paul return to the Chancellor Estate and tell everyone the police will be waiting at the train's first stop. In the meantime, he's got the security footage from the station. They all watch.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick says to Adam, "No letters, no deal." Adam replies, "I guess the visit's over then."

Lily urges Daniel not to sign away his only child.

Phyllis is at Billy and Vikki's house. Vikki says, "Oh my God. You know."

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