The Best Way To Break Him.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Jana does the unthinkable to Kevin, Abby learns Daniel confided in Lily, and Victoria hears the whole truth.

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In the Club, Abby asks Daniel how long he's known Lucy is his daughter. He tells her. She gets a text from Billy saying they found the kids. Daniel explains how he knew about Lucy, and Abby sympathizes with him having to keep the secret. Suddenly Lily appears and asks Daniel if he saw the news. Abby realizes he confided in Lily. Lily says he needed to tell someone that wasn't connected to the family.


At the church, Chloe, Billy, and Victoria are reunited with the children. Billy and Chloe question Delia, who tells them that Jana is with Kevin. Katherine and Murphy take Delia outside and Chloe tells Billy not to place the blame on Kevin. Billy says people like him don't change. Chloe counters that Jana did time for murder, but he hired her.


Heather runs into Chance at Crimson Lights. He tells her that Delia is missing. She says she's sorry. Nearby, Lauren, Michael and Phyllis speculate about why Jana took the children. Talk turns to Daniel. Michael says he'd still like to know why he let Daisy go. Phyllis says she'd just like to find the baby. Michael gets a call from Chloe saying they found the kids, but she's worried about Kevin. Michael leaves. Phyllis explains to Lauren why she wants to find Daniel's baby, saying if it was Scotty she'd feel the same. Suddenly a news report talks about Kevin being with Jana. Lauren rushes out.


Jana holds Kevin at gunpoint in the classroom. She says she knows he wants Chloe and is trying to trick her. He denies it. Jana wishes he had just taken her back. Kevin said he was too broken up after she left him to trust her again. He tells her their love deserves a second chance, he sees that now. Kevin talks about their wedding, and tries to get the gun. She screams that he's tricking her again. Jana decides that if they stay there for a while he'll love her again. She orders him to get into the closet, saying it's the best way to break him. He goes in and Jana tells herself he will love her again. Inside the closet, Kevin tries to stay calm.


At Katherine's, Jill and Esther fuss over Delia as Chloe, Kay, and Murphy look on. Michael arrives. Chloe says Jana is with Kevin, and she's convinced he's the one who got her to let the girls go. Michael steps out to make calls. Chance appears and greets Delia affectionately. Heather arrives and Michael asks her to check with her connection at the D.A.'s office regarding Kevin. Esther, Jill, and Katherine share a cry, and then a laugh, of relief about Delia being safe. Chloe and Katherine discuss Kevin. Heather tells Michael the police have an APB out on Kevin as Jana's accomplice. Lauren arrives saying Kevin's a suspect. Michael reassures Chloe he'll take care of this.


Billy and Victoria put Lucy to bed at home. Victoria asks Billy what he was going to tell her before. He says she should know the truth - they didn't actually adopt Lucy. He says he bought her on the black market, and her parents are Daniel and Daisy. He explains himself. Victoria worries that Daniel will take Lucy or that Daisy will find out. Victoria cries, saying Billy promised her no one would ever take Lucy away. She orders him out. Billy calls Daniel to ask him to come over and reassure Victoria.


After Daniel leaves the Club, Lily tells Abby not to feel bad - Daniel wanted to confide in her. Abby replies that Daniel may talk to her about personal things, but she's not.


Daniel arrives at Victoria and Billy's house. Billy asks him to reassure Victoria that he won't take the baby. Daniel goes upstairs and tells Victoria he won't take Lucy. She asks how she knows he won't change his mind. Daniel says he'll sign anything she wants - the baby belongs here. Back downstairs, Daniel is talking to Billy when Phyllis arrives to see how Lucy is doing. She asks Daniel what he's doing there.


Abby goes to the church and talks to God about Daniel confiding in Lily and not her. She says Lily is amazing, and someone with real substance. She asks, "How am I supposed to compete with that?"


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Phyllis what she's doing there and what she wants.

Angelo asks Michael, "Are you asking if I hurt the kid, or are you asking for my help?"

Jana tells Kevin they're going on a field trip.

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