A New Life.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Jana contacts Kevin, Victor goes to Victoria, and Daniel tells Abby the truth.

A New Life. image

At home, Billy and Vikki wake up and can't find Delia and Lucy. Vikki assumes Jana has them downstairs. Soon, they realize clothes missing and Jana's not answering her phone. Vikki asks why Jana would do something like this!


Jill runs into Nikki at the Club as she's about to spike her tomato juice. Jill expresses her condolences about Sharon and moves on. Nikki empties her flask into the glass.


At Crimson Lights, Abby catches up with Daniel and convinces him to go play. They cuddle and kiss. Nearby, Chance spots Chloe and asks if Kevin is joining her. Chloe says no and asks him for a ride to get Delia at Billy's. Just then, Billy calls and tells her the girls are missing. She breathes, "Jana. Oh my God." They leave. Abby and Daniel continue talking until they notice an amber alert on the television and learn that Jana kidnapped the girls.


Chloe and Chance arrive at Billy and Vikki's house where police are everywhere and an amber alert has been issued. Chloe frets that Jana is crazy, and wonders if she's contacted Kevin. Jill storms into Billy's house asking if it's true. Chloe learns that no tips have come in and lets Vikki and Billy have it, crying that she warned them about Jana and they wouldn't listen! Billy admits to her that he was wrong to trust Jana, but says this is doing no good. Vikki apologizes to Chloe. Jill tells them to stop snapping at each other. Abby and Daniel rush in. Daniel and Billy step aside to talk. Chloe decides to look for Kevin and asks Chance to join the search.


Jana calls Kevin from the room she's in with the girls and tells him she knows where Daisy and Daniel's baby is. When he arrives, she asks him to turn off his phone, and then announces that Lucy is Daisy's daughter - his niece! She explains how she arrived at the conclusion that Billy bought Daisy's baby. Kevin cuddles the baby and hugs Jana. When Kevin moves to call Billy, Jana takes his phone and drops it in a glass of water. Kevin distracts Delia and then turns to Jana. She says they're leaving. Kevin tries to buy time by reasoning with her and discussing Delia. Jana thinks Delia is better off without Chloe - they'll take good care of the girls together as a family. Kevin tries a different tack - telling Jana he's realized he wants to be with her. He says they can start a new life together, but first they have to bring the girls home. Jana is perturbed. Kevin tells her they'll start their own family.


Victor answers the door at the ranch to Katherine and Murphy bearing breakfast. Katherine says they want to take his mind off his problems. Suddenly, Victor gets a call about Delia and Lucy's kidnapping. He tells Katherine, and then calls Nikki to get over to Victoria's house.


Victor walks through the door of Billy and Victoria's house. Billy sneers at his sudden interest in his granddaughter, but Vikki falls into his arms. Nikki arrives and Jill wonders what took her so long to come from the Club. Nikki angrily asks for Victoria, who is upstairs with Victor. Vikki cries that she's a terrible mother - what if Jana hurts them? Daniel and Billy step outside and wonder what Jana is thinking. Abby comes out and she and Daniel leave to help search. Inside, Chloe cries on the sofa. Jill comforts her. Chloe tells her she's scared Jana will hurt Delia because she hates her so much. Esther arrives and tells Chloe not to give up hope.


Katherine and Murphy go to church, where Katherine has a chat with God about Cane, Sharon, and now the children going missing - she's sick of the misery. She asks Him to bring home those two babies safely. They leave to go home, and Jana and Kevin come in with the girls right after.


Still at home, Billy finds Victoria and tells her this is his fault. Just then, he gets a text saying Jana has taken the kids to St. Mary's church. The police want to go alone, but everyone heads out.


Back at the church, Jana wants to go, but Kevin refuses to leave the girls until someone gets there. She realizes that he's tricking her and calls him a liar. She pulls out a gun and tells him he's going to leave with her anyway. Kevin assures Delia that daddy is coming and they go. Katherine and Murphy return looking for her purse and find the children. Katherine thanks God.


At the Club, Abby and Daniel begin to argue when he becomes intense about finding the girls. He blurts that Lucy is his daughter.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby confronts Daniel about telling Lily his secret.

Michael and Heather argue when he insists Kevin is a victim, but Heather says he works for the mob.

A gun-toting Jana flips out when Kevin tries to trick her again.

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