The Winning Ticket.

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Adam calls out the Newmans, Daniel tells Billy the truth, and Jana puts her plan in action.

The Winning Ticket. image

Kevin continues to pound on the laptop at Crimson Lights. Chloe shows up and they discuss Daniel's motives. Kevin just wants to find the baby.


At Billy and Vikki's house, Jana listens, stunned, as Agnes tells her the outfit on the chair belonged to the baby she gave to Primrose. Jana gets rid of her and then laughs at her luck, wondering how to prove that Lucy is Daisy's baby. Jana looks at Lucy in her crib and then starts going through the shredded bank statements. She tells Lucy she's the winning ticket, and Kevin is the prize. When he calls, she asks him to come over.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Kevin she wants to go with him to see Jana. She says she can drop off Delia as her reason for being there.


Victor lunges toward Adam in the church, but the priest intervenes, asking them to respect each other's right to mourn. Adam speaks. He tells them no matter what they think about him, he loved Sharon. He says the best part of him went with his mother when she died, and he took his anger out on everyone, until Sharon. He says they can blame him for what happened to her, but they ostracized her and isolated her - and in the end, they all killed her. Adam attacks Nikki and Phyllis for how they've treated Sharon. Nikki storms out. He calls Billy out for hurting Sharon with Restless Style, and Jack for lying to her. Adam points the finger at Nick for cheating on Sharon, and last but not least, Victor for doing nothing when Sharon needed him most. Victor bellows at him to get out now! The cops drag Adam out. Noah wants him locked up. Diane asks Nick if he's alright. He tells her to worry about her husband. Billy and Daniel send Abby and Vikki on without them. Daniel tells Billy he deserves to know the truth - Lucy is his daughter. He assures Billy that he wants them to keep her. Billy thanks him. Daniel warns Billy about Kevin. Billy says no one is going to take away their daughter - he'll make sure of that.


In Sam's barn, he tells Sharon that Fanny has an infection. They care for the baby goat. Sam tells Sharon the goat is improving. Sharon is relieved and becomes emotional. He says they saved her together. They strike a deal where she will take care of the soft cuddly animals and he will do the things that hee haw and smell bad.


Still in Lucy's bedroom, Jana giggles manically as she pieces together the bank account numbers and confirms that Lucy was bought from Primrose. She tells Lucy that she and Kevin will be her new mommy and daddy. The doorbell rings - Jana lets Kevin in. Chloe shouts for her to hold the door and ushers Delia in. Jana tells her she's pathetic. Kevin and Chloe stage a fake argument. When Chloe goes upstairs with Delia, Jana goes to tell Kevin her news, but Victoria walks in. She and Abby take Lucy. Billy and Daniel come in together. Kevin watches them, and moves to leave, but Daniel stops him, and makes nice. Chloe says goodbye to Delia as Vikki tells Billy she loves him for bringing Lucy into their lives.


At the reception at the Club, Victor tells Nikki he'll see that Adam gets punished. Just then, Adam calls him and says he has something he needs to see. Victor goes without Diane. Nearby, Jack makes cryptic comments to Phyllis. She asks if he wants to talk. He does. She steps into the ladies room, and Diane approaches Jack. She says, "Phyllis and Nick? I'm sorry." He asks, "For whom?" In another part of the room Noah tells Nick that he's going back to New York right away. Diane approaches Nick and hugs him. Noah says goodbye to Nikki who then spikes her tea.


Adam tells Victor he wants the charges dropped when he arrives at the jail. Victor says nothing could make him do that. Adam says he'll trade two letters Sharon wrote to her children for his freedom. Victor says he's a disgrace to Hope. Adam muses that he is his father's son.


At the Abbott Mansion, Phyllis tells Jack she loves him, and he's the best friend she's ever known. He urges her to absolve herself, stating, "Nick and I..." She says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean..." Jack replies that she never does. Jack muses about how he thought they'd get it right this time, but something in her sabotages them. Phyllis doesn't know why she does it. Jack asks her to go.


After the lights go down in Vikki and Billy's house, Jana sneaks in and takes Lucy from her crib. Delia spots them, so Jana takes her too.


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Vikki asks a grim looking Billy, "Why would Jana do this?"

Jana tells Kevin that Lucy is his niece.

Victor and Nikki soothe Victoria who cries, "What kind of mother am I? What if Jana hurts them?"

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