Meggie Rocks Nikki's World.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Meggie spills, Diane meets Victor, and Sharon asks for help.

Meggie Rocks Nikki's World. image

Sharon arrives at home and tries to call Adam again - his number is no longer in service. She makes another call, telling whoever it is to get back to her; she needs their help. Paul Williams soon arrives. She asks Paul to help her find Adam. Paul is reluctant, and thinks she's better off without him. She tries to explain how much Adam's done for her, adding that she can't eat or sleep without knowing he's safe. Paul does some digging and learns that Adam made a big withdrawal and ditched his phone - he's completely off the grid. Paul says he'll keep searching, but only for closure. Sharon cries.


At the jail, Meggie slips into a storage room and starts taking off her orange jumpsuit. She has the pink scrubs underneath and dons a hair net. As she tries to make her way out of the prison, she is arrested and cuffed. The guard says she has a one way ticket to the state pen. She hisses that Deacon Sharpe has messed with the wrong woman this time.


In their suite at the Club, Deacon tries to talk Nikki into going to the Bahamas for a week. He says he wants to be like a normal couple with no one glaring at them. Nikki says he's right, and agrees to go. They pack up, and Deacon goes to load the car. Nikki turns on her phone and it rings. Meggie blurts that someone close to her helped set her up. She tells Nikki to come see her now. Deacon comes back upstairs to find Nikki gone. He looks at Nikki's phone and says, "Meggie."


At the Abbott Mansion, Phyllis is still feeling the after-effects of playing football with Kyle. She and Jack discuss Abby. Jack says the decision will change a lot of lives and mentions Billy doing an article about Jabot going back to the Abbotts. Phyllis is concerned about him having to deal with Tucker. Jack reassures her, and says he's going to talk to Nick about it. She warns him to tread carefully. Jack goes, and Kyle comes in. He tells her she'll be happy to know he's moving back to the ranch because his mother's marrying Victor. Phyllis says Jack will be upset.


Nick is at the ranch door looking for Victor. Diane invites him in. She wants to talk and clear things up. Diane expresses concern about him, but Nick says she should be looking out for his father. Diane thinks highly of him for coming to see Victor. Nick says he came for his kids and for himself. He admits he's lost so much the past few months, it doesn't feel like he's won at all. Diane huskily tells Nick he doesn't have to rush off. He says she made her choice; there's no going back.


Michael joins Victor on the jet, saying he's a little surprised to be asked to witness his marriage to Diane. Victor says Diane is on her way and they'll be married before the night is out. Michael thinks about Diane's admission that there was someone else, and asks Victor what his rush is to tie the knot. Michael suggests he take time to reflect. Victor wonders why he gives a damn. As Victor is assuring Michael that Diane will show up, she does. She and Michael exchange a look. As they fly, Michael goes over the details of the pre-nup. Victor adds that he set up a trust for Kyle too. Diane signs. Victor goes to talk to the pilot and Michael asks Diane if she's sure. She says Victor is the right man for her. They land and a judge boards to marry them. Michael gets a call from Phyllis asking if it's true. Michael says, "Gotta' go." Diane and Victor are married.


Back at the tack house, Nick gets a box containing all of his belongings from Newman Enterprises. He muses, "Congratulations, Nicholas Newman. You've been fired." Jack arrives. Nick says his family will never be the same. Jack feels this was inevitable, and it is a victory. He asks if Nick has given any thought to what he wants to do next. Nick knows Jack wants to start an alliance, and tells him he's not interested. Phyllis arrives. She tells him he's getting a new stepmother - his father is marrying Diane.


Nikki arrives at the jail and asks Meggie who this person is that helped her. Meggie says what she has to tell her will rock her world. Nikki says to give her a name. Just then, Deacon walks in. Meggie lets Nikki know that Deacon is the one who helped her. Meggie tells the whole sordid tale, and Nikki asks Deacon if it's true. He says, "I swear, Nikki, my feelings for you are real." Meggie is led away as Nikki goes hysterical on Deacon and runs out. In the corridor, Nikki calls Nick, saying she's made a mistake and needs to reach Victor. Nick tells her he eloped in Vegas with Diane.


Adam walks into an island-style bar and sits down. He's looking right at Koa.


Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle tells Jack he's already packed his stuff. Jack asks, "You're talking about leaving tonight?"

Nikki watches as a drink is poured for her. Deacon's voice is heard saying, "Are you sure you want to take that drink?"

Jack tells Victor their arrangements for Kyle are none of his business. Victor says they are now - he'd better get used to it.

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