Depths Of Despair

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Jill explodes on Katherine, Victor & Victoria talk to Brad about the Grugeon Reliquary, Korbel makes another confession to Colleen, and Ashley makes plans to move to Hong Kong...

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At Jabot, JT meets with Katherine and Jill. Kay tells him that she remembers that Phillip was switched right after birth. JT tries to get more info from Kay, but her mind's a blank. Jill begs for Katherine to try harder and wants to know if the child she gave birth to is still alive! As Katherine goes to take a drink, she remembers that the woman named Violet met Kay in a bar. JT takes what little info he has and leaves


Jill tells Katherine that she can't wait and needs answers now! Suddenly, Gloria bursts in wanting to talk to Jill about their appearance on Extreme Catwalk, and Jill agrees to the distraction. When Gloria asks what's bothering them, Kay assures her that it has nothing to do with business. Before she leaves, Jill stops Gloria and asks her to handle all the details for Extreme Catwalk, and Gloria is much obliged.


In the Abbott living room, Ashley informs Jack that she's leaving for Hong Kong and wants to get as far away from Jack as possible. Abby joins them to tell Jack a joke, then heads out of the room. When asked if Abby will be going to Hong Kong, Ashley says no, that she'll be staying with Bard. Ashley is amazed that Jack can be so loving to his niece and so ruthless to everyone else at the same time! Jack hands Ashley the delivered travel plans and comments that it's probably best that she leaves because he can no longer count on her. Ashley screams that although Jack doesn't have any self-respect, she refuses to lie and doesn't trust him anymore!


When Gloria comes in and questions why Ashley doesn't trust Jack, Ashley makes a statement about leaving town and storms out of the room. Gloria walks in close and says, "Why is Ashley leaving town, Jack?" When Jack blows her off, Gloria informs him that Jill put her in charge of Extreme Catwalk and says that she's so glad that Jack isn't part of Jabot anymore!


In Victor's office, Brad tells Victor that teaming up to find the Grugeon is just asking for trouble. However, Victoria disagrees with Brad and says that if they don't find it soon more people may die. Brad tries to sway Victor's mind, but Victor insists on finding and eliminating the people who are behind the threats to his and Brad's family! Victor goes on to tell Brad that they need to look deep into the art world and that they may have to take some illegal actions to further their search for the Grugeon. Brad tells Victoria and Victor that he refuses to go through the pain of losing another family again! When Victor holds his ground and asks if Brad is going to team up with him or not, Brad agrees to talk it over with his mother.


At the loft, JT walks in and almost catches Colleen staring at the sketch from Adrian. She quickly slips it under some papers and halts JT from seeing it. After JT leaves to take care of some more business, Colleen removes the picture and admires it. Colleen checks her messages and sees that there's one from Adrian asking her to meet him for coffee

When Ashley goes to Victor's office to tell him that she's leaving for Hong Kong, Victor takes Ashley in his arms and expresses that he'll be sad to see her go. However, he encourages her by saying that when she comes back that maybe all of her problems will be solved.


Just as Colleen meets Adrian at the coffeehouse, Brad calls and says that he needs to see her immediately. After she hangs up, Colleen pulls out the sketch and asks if Adrian meant to give it to her. Adrian says no, but Colleen wants to know why he drew it. Adrian admits that Colleen has been on his mind and goes on to add more detail to his confession about why he left his last job. Adrian explains that he knew the victim of the professor and that she ended up committing suicide. In a roundabout way, he expresses that he never wants to go through that again, giving Colleen the impression that he's speaking of her doing something rash. Colleen hands him back the sketch and tells Adrian goodbye.


When JT goes back to Jabot, he tells Katherine to try her hardest to remember what bars she used to frequent or any other details. After Katherine thanks JT and leaves, JT has Jill sign a medical release form in order for him to research Phillip's birth and asks that she try to remember anything she can about her baby. Jill remembers holding her infant son and loving him immediately and tells JT that if her son is alive, she needs him to please find him.


After JT leaves, Katherine finds Jill in tears wanting to know the details of what happened to her son. Katherine loses it and screams that she doesn't know! Jill tells her to leave until she can contribute something useful to the mess that she created!

While Adrian is looking at the sketch of Colleen, Jana asks who drew the picture. When Adrian admits that he did, Jana tells Adrian that he reminds her of the man in the book that Kevin gave her for Christmas. She goes on to say that the 'man' used to draw his 'acquaintances.' Little does Adrian know that Jana is talking about the main character in the book on serial killers! They then talk about a story of an artist whose broken heart led him to kill. Noticing Jana's inquisitive glare, Adrian assures her that he's not like the artist in their story.

At Jabot, just as Ashley is informing Jill that she'll be leaving for Hong Kong, Jack calls and wants to know why Gloria is handling the details for Extreme Catwalk. However, Jill tells Jack that she doesn't have time for this and hangs up on him! Ashley confides that she's leaving Jabot because of problems with the 'management,' then agrees to be Jill's eyes and ears over seas. Jill smiles and thanks Ashley.

Back at Brad's, Brad tells Victoria, Rebecca and Colleen that although Victor has a plan to find the Grugeon, Brad wants them all to go into hiding again! Victoria immediately objects and surprisingly, Rebecca agrees and says, "I'm done hiding!" After they explain Victor's plan, Brad and Victoria tell Rebecca about the Reliquaries that the obtained during Sharon's kidnapping. Rebecca remembers the pieces and says that they just might work to draw out the missing Grugeon!


Back at the loft, Colleen blows off JT when he offers to take a break from his work.

When Jack suggests that Gloria is going to embarrass his family on national television, Gloria reminds Jack that he's doing a good job of that himself! Gloria leaves with a final reminder that while she has a loving family to go home to, Jack has no one.

At Newman, when Ashley tells Brad that she's leaving for Hong Kong, Brad suggests that she take Abby with her. Full of excitement, Ashley leaves to tell Abby the news. When Victor comes in, Brad tells him that his plan is a go!

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