In the Hot Zone!

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Sharon searches for Skye, Phyllis asks Kevin to support her bid, and Jana changes her story.

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At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Phyllis that she knows that Daisy wants to keep that baby close by, that's why he intends to adopt the child out to a family far away - she should get used to that idea! They argue over whether or not Phyllis gets a say. Phyllis hollers that she's trying to protect him, and orders him to sit down. Daniel becomes very emotional, pointing out to Phyllis the implications of her adopting the baby. Phyllis feels he'll worry about her if she goes to strangers. Daniel doesn't think so, not under these circumstances. Phyllis says she knows better than him, and uses Danny's love for him as an example. Daniel tells her she won't talk him into this.


At Daniel's apartment, Jana asks Daisy why she called her over there. Daisy tells her she's dilating so it's time for Jana to go to the authorities and take back what she said in her deposition. Daisy scrawls out a promise to give Jana her baby and hands it to her. Jana hisses that she'd better keep her word. After she leaves, Chloe arrives. She asks Daisy what she plans to do with the baby, advising her not to hope for a miracle where Daniel is concerned. Chloe advocates for Kevin to raise the child. Daisy is sick of everyone talking about the baby and not caring about her. Chloe tells Daisy she has the chance to make things right. Once alone, Daisy tells the baby that Jana will keep her out of jail and no one will be able to take her away.


Michael is surprised when Lauren decides she wants to go out. Michael tells her Kevin is on his way down to talk, so he'll ask him to babysit. Lauren goes to get ready and Kevin knocks. Kevin asks Michael for brotherly advice, saying that it's looking like it might just be possible for him to adopt Daisy's baby. Lauren reappears, saying, "No you don't!" Kevin tries to make his case, but Lauren becomes very angry. She storms out. Michael is livid with Kevin for bringing up Daisy around Lauren! Kevin apologizes, but says he needs to protect his niece. Michael points out Lauren is his family too. He says Kevin cannot keep a baby who is tied to Daisy - he can't risk that.


Victor creeps up to Skye's hut in Hawaii and knocks before entering. She's not there. Victor gets on the phone and makes inquiries about Sharon's spending. He asks for the phone number to the outpost store. Victor sees a brochure on Skye's wall about the night hiking on the volcano and leaves.


In the Hawaiian outpost, the big man denies recognizing Skye. Sharon tells him she knows she has a post office box there. He maintains he can't help. Sharon asks a few more people before buying a map from the man. She asks about any poker games around there. He says that would be in Honolulu. Another man approaches Sharon and offers to take her to the volcano to make a sacrifice - then Madame Pele will answer her questions. Sharon speaks to Adam by phone. He tells her Skye is an adventure junkie and might be at the volcano. Sharon returns to the outpost and talks to the big man again. He still won't help. He gives her a bottle of alcohol to sacrifice at the volcano. Sharon joins the group for the hike and heads outside. Just then, Victor shows up and talks to the big Hawaiian man, who says he's happy to meet him. He tells him about Sharon looking for Skye.


Jana arrives at the police station and approaches an officer. She tells him she wants to clarify a statement she gave in a case. She says time has passed and now she sees that Sara was the one to blame, and that Daisy was kind, and was also scared of Sara.


Kevin arrives at Crimson Lights. Daniel angrily tells him that he's leaving, but he should talk to his mother - she wants to adopt Daisy's baby too. Kevin and Phyllis argue about his ability to raise a child. Phyllis finally suggests they work together and join forces to make a better case for adoption. Kevin says if she's proposing, his answer is no. Phyllis rolls her eyes and replies that she meant he should support her bid for adoption. Kevin asks what role he would play. Phyllis says her door would be open to him - she'd be a fool to ease him out considering the love he has. Kevin agrees to think about it. Later, Michael approaches Kevin to talk and apologize. Kevin says it doesn't matter - he won't get the baby because Phyllis wants her. Michael walks over to ask Phyllis about it as Chloe walks in to see Kevin. She wants to make nice, but Kevin says the whole 'feelings for her' thing got blown out of proportion. She slaps him and leaves. Phyllis and Michael bicker about reasons she shouldn't adopt the baby. Phyllis says the child is innocent. Michael hisses that it's Sheila Carter's offspring - none of them will ever be safe. He begs Phyllis not to let this come between them.


Lauren and Daniel meet at Gloworm. He tells her his mother has checked into Crazytown and wants to adopt Daisy's baby. They both order a drink. Lauren tells him that no one can do anything without his permission. Daniel confirms that he doesn't want Kevin or Phyllis to adopt the kid. He vows to use his parental rights to make sure the baby gets adopted across the country. If Daisy fights him, he'll take her to court.


On the volcano hiking trail, Sharon follows the group as they go into the hot zone. Sharon hears something and hangs back. A rumble causes Sharon to drop her flashlight and another person appears - it's Skye!


Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Phyllis that if Sharon ends up being collateral damage it's her own fault.

Kevin gets in Daisy's face and says she thinks he's nice, sweet Kevin - she doesn't know a thing about him!

Sharon says to Skye, "You're alive. I knew it; Adam and I both knew it!"

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