Michael Graziadei in Boogeyman! image

Michael Graziadei (CBS)

Get ready Michael Graziadei fans – and scary movie lovers alike – because come 2008 you’ll be shaking in your boots and running to hide under your bed… However, whatever you do, don’t look in your closet because the Boogeyman is back!

The Young and the Restless actor Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is currently filming for the big screen sequel to the 2005 flick Boogeyman! In Boogeyman 2, Michael will play Darren, and will appear with such actors as Tobin Bell, Renee O’Connor, David Gallagher and Kelly Walker to name a few. Based around a woman’s fear of the Boogeyman, this 2008 release is sure to be a hit amongst all of those who have already conquered their own childhood fear!

When Michael isn’t acting, he enjoys playing guitar, writing music and learning the in’s and out’s of surfing! Soaps.com wants to wish Michael much success with his new film! We can’t wait till its release!

To learn more about Michael and his career, please visit his website at Michael Graziadei.com!