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Back on April 2, 2007, Soaps.com Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix brought you Part One of our interview with The Young and the Restless star Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby). Now fans, sit back as I pick up Part Two of this exciting interview, as Daniel talks to us about his life in Australia, his upcoming flick and gives answers to questions from you, the fans!

Amy: Fans may not know this, but you starred in the Australian soap "Home and Away" back in 1994. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to watch any Australian soaps. Did you find American soaps to be any different than Australian ones?

Daniel: The format for both soaps is very similar. The technical side… there’s always three or four cameras shooting the scenes. We rehearse the scene and usually nail it in one take. However, the volume of US soaps is much greater than Australian ones.

Amy: Do you ever have occasion to go back to Australia? If so, how often do you visit and what draws you back?

Daniel: Yes, I do. Although I was there from 1999 – 2002, I haven’t been back since 2004. The show gives everyone a week off pretty soon, so I’m actually taking my new baby, Ford, back to visit my parents and grandmother… my whole family lives there.

Amy: I read that you've just wrapped up filming The Perfect Sleep. Can you give us a little peek into the movie and the character you'll be playing?

Daniel: I’ll be playing Sergei. It’s a small role. I’ll be portraying a younger version of one of the characters before he gets older. I also co-starred with Jason Connery in the 2006 Stan Lee movie Lightspeed where I played the role of Python, which was great. Although it aired overseas, it’s available here on DVD. I'm really excited about another film of mine, Immortally Yours, where I play a vampire, Alex Stone. You’ll definitely want to check that one out!

Amy: When will The Perfect Sleep be released? We'll be sure to check it out and follow up with a little review!

Daniel: It’ll be out sometime this year 2007.

Amy: We hear you're into photography, and thought it would be nice for you to tell the fans a little about your craft and how you got into photography.

Daniel: I’ve loved photography ever since I was a kid and got my first camera at ten years old. My favorite is ‘Street photography,’ taking pictures of the homeless. I also travel a lot to third world countries and take pictures of women of labor and homeless children in their natural environment. I plan to one day put together a book including all of my findings.

Soaps.com has a huge fan base, which we truly appreciate! As a way to say thank you to our loyal readers, Daniel agreed to help us out by answering a few personal questions from you, the Soaps.com fans, who were extremely happy for the opportunity to get up close and personal with Daniel.

StaceyT asks: What would you like to see happen in the future with regards to your character?

Daniel: Cane’s moving a lot more into the business aspects of things, which I’m happy about. It allows him to have conflict and connections with the major core characters of the show. Although I can’t tell you with ‘who,’ I’m very excited about a new love interest Cane will have. During this time, fans will see a whole other side to Cane.

Soulsistah asks: What other character would you like Cane to interact with and which actors from the show would you like to work with in the future? Who would be a good character for Cane to hook up with, other than Amber?

Daniel: At this point, I'm working with everybody – a lot of it hasn’t been aired yet. I’ve done some great scenes with Jack (Peter Bergman) – on the business end of things – which I’m looking forward to. I’ve loved my scenes with Victor (Eric Braeden), which will also be coming up. Cane is really taking off as the ‘Businessman.’ Every character I work with – or have yet to work with - is different with different possibilities for a storyline.

Plot_Twister asks: I would like to know if you want to stay with Y&R, if you have any plans to move out of daytime and into the big screen or prime time at some point.

Daniel: At the moment I'm loving Y&R. My routine with the show allows me to see my baby and have days off. I enjoy my downtime with my family… my wife and son. Ford is growing so fast and I don’t want to miss any of it.

KeepingItReal asks: When are you coming to Canada for any fan events and which cities will you be visiting?

Daniel: Actually, I was just there in Vancouver on the weekend of July 13th, 14th, and 15th. Christian LeBlanc (Michael), Tracey Bergman (Lauren), Kate Linder (Esther) and I attended a sold out charity event. Although I don’t have anything scheduled at the moment, I’d love to go back to Canada to do other charity stuff.

Stacey T asks: Have you played in anything on primetime or planning on it in the near future? What's your favorite pastime?

Daniel: I guest-starred on “Monk” and had a role in Heather Graham’s sitcom “Emily's Reasons Why Not,” but the show was canceled before the episode got to air. The thing with Primetime… sometimes the shows don't get picked up. But in the end, daytime, nighttime... They’re all the same when you love what you do. My favorite pastime… Spending time with my wife and son.

StiffTWig asks: Although I know that you either don't know or can't tell: Do you hope Cane is Jill's son?

Daniel: Yes, I do hope Cane is Jill’s son. He’s never had family. The fans will definitely be able to watch as Jill and Cane’s relationship grows and how Cane and Katherine’s does as well – although in different ways.

Beckicat asks: Who are your biggest influences & if you could work with any actor or actress (alive or dead) who would it be?

Daniel: I'd like to work with Daniel D. Lewis, Gary Adelman, Julie Christie, or Ellen Burstyn – any of them.

KeepingItReal asks: Are you turning to the "dark side", as we already have enough crooks running around GC.

Daniel: I don't think Cane could turn to the dark side. As a core, he's a good person. He's a survivor… I think that's why he tolerates Amber so much because she's a survivor too. He can relate to Amber.

BabygirlAH asks: How long will you be on the show? I hope you stay for a long time.

Daniel: As long as I love to be there or as long as they want me there. Things are good now.

To wrap up our interview, although we know and respect Daniel’s position of not being able to discuss details of future storylines, he was nice enough to give me a few tidbits to pass along to the fans, ones they can really look forward to…

Daniel: Coming up, after Cane finds out how much Amber has lied to him, fans are going to see a different side to Cane. He’s going to lower himself to Amber’s level. He'll be rather cold. It’ll be kind of like ‘The gift that keeps on giving…’

Soaps.com wants to thank Daniel Goddard for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us today! To learn more about Daniel and his career, please visit his official website at Daniel Goddard.com.