Braeden & Linder on Hollywood Walk Of Fame image

Eric Braeden and his star! (CBS)

Kate Linder (CBS)

Although The Young and the Restless just celebrated receiving their 100th daytime Emmy Award, co-stars Eric Breaden (Victor Newman) and Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) have something else to be excited about – getting stars on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame!

While Eric will be honored with his star on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday July 20, 2007, after celebrating forty-six years in television and film, Kate won’t receive hers until sometime in 2008. Not only does Y&R have the great pleasure of being daytime’s number one rated drama, they are also very proud to have the cast and crew who make it all possible! wants to congratulate Eric and Kate on this exciting news! We’ll be so proud to see your names among some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood!

To learn more about Eric and his career please visit his website at
Eric! Also, don’t forget to check out Kate and all she’s accomplished, both onscreen and through her many charities, at