Tammin Sursok: The New Colleen! image

Tammin Sursok as Colleen (Soaps.com)

Fans have been in an uproar since Soaps.com brought you the June 19, 2007 news that Adrianne Leon (Colleen Carlton) had been abruptly let go from The Young and the Restless. Although we still don't know what brought on this sudden move to dismiss the fan favorite from the soap's lineup, we are even more shocked to hear that the role of Colleen has already been recast!

Tammin Sursok is set to be in the studio for her first taping on June 26, 2007 and will be seen on air as the new Colleen on July 30, 2007!

Born in South Africa, but raised in Australia, although she'll be the new kid in town, Tammin is no stranger to soaps. She appeared in the Australian soap Home and Away to which she won the Logie Award in 2001 for best new female talent! Fellow Aussie, Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby), also appeared on the soap. She also had her first album released back in May 2005 titled "Whatever It Will Be."

Soaps.com wants to wish Tammin the best in her new role and hope the fans, although extremely hurt by the loss of Adrianne, will give this new starlet the respect she deserves!

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