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Adrianne Leon (CBS)

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In a late breaking news release,
The Young and the Restless actress Adrianne Leon (Colleen) has posted on her MySpace that she's been informed her last day with the show was last week!

Fans were in an uproar when Adrianne didn't appear at this year's Emmy Awards and even more confused to read her June 14, 2007 post apologizing for her absence, saying that it was related to security issues. Now, merely four days later, this fan favorite has been let go… Although Adrianne rightfully sounded hurt and stunned by the news from CBS/Y&R, she expressed thankfulness to her Y&R family but promised fans that she has other music and acting projects in the works and that she'll be back, although not on the show, after taking some much needed time off.

Adrianne joined the show back in January 2006 and has touched the hearts of many ever since! wants to wish Adrianne the very best! We know you'll be successful no matter what you do! You'll be sadly missed…

To view Adrianne's statement in its entirety, please visit her Official MySpace page!