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Deanna Russo (CBS

Deanna as Logan starting June 11, 2007! (

Actress Deanna Russo has just landed a three-year contract with the number one daytime drama The Young and the Restless to play the new role of Logan - a mysterious doctor! Fans can bet this new addition will interfere in a lot of lives around Genoa City!

Deanna is no stranger to television and has appeared in shows such as CSI: NY, Charmed and Noah Knows Best. Although she just completed her latest movie, Believers, Deanna has also starred in Rest Stop, The Food Chain: A Hollywood Scarytale, A Moment of Clarity, Dirt on Leaves, and Virgins. Her first air date is Monday June 11, 2007! wants to send a warm welcome to Deanna! We can't wait to see how the character of Logan intertwines with the residents of Genoa City! To learn more about Deanna and her career, please visit her official website at Deanna Russo!

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