Restless Rant
Week of 25 - 29:

The Young and the Restless got off to a strong start this week, but it lost steam at many points along the line. I may have set my expectations a little high after the spectacular blow-up between Jack and Phyllis on Monday, but the remaining episodes only had glimpses of that same spice. Let's dissect:

Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: We are certainly being treated to some phenomenal acting with this quadrangle - the storyline, however, leaves something to be desired. There's an argument here that this is classic drama, but I find it feels recycled and has gone on too long - featuring characters that, oddly, we don't entirely know anymore. I hardly recognize Phyllis as the wishy-washy wife, begging her husband not to leave, and while I love Jack's angry scenes, the character's undignified capitulating and cloying desperation where Sharon is concerned is almost embarrassing to watch - isn't Jack supposed to be stronger? Sharon is still struggling to hold onto the threads of her former self - at least there is an explanation as to why she hasn't been behaving like herself. Nick, finally, is the man with the power to change everyone's life with his decision. Too bad his decision changes with each passing week - the 'big moment' on Friday, when he chose Sharon, had reduced impact because everyone is rolling their eyes wondering how long before he'll 'pong' back over to Phyllis! It is only the stellar job the actors are doing with the material that makes this worth watching.

Jack/Billy: The confrontation in the Abbott living room started off wonderfully, but boy was it jarring when Chloe and Sharon showed up and Jack covered for Billy! I was deflated by the way the scene ended. That said, I loved that they had John's ghost pop in after to remind Jack that he once slept with Jill when he was married to her! Heehee!

I guess all the sweetness and light is to make the disappointment, when it comes, sting that much more. Can't wait to find out more about Cane and Uncle Langley - which brings me to…

I'm thinking she's going to be heavily involved in the Cane/Langley story, which makes me excited and interested to see what will happen! Currently, I'm just loving her interactions with everyone - such a straight shooter!

Devon/Neil/Tyra: Nice that Devon and Neil made up this week - it felt right. Besides, Devon knows he's going to need help tracking down his bio-dad! As for Neil and Tyra, they've settled right down into storyline oblivion, with that little matter of his recent marriage to someone else reduced to a mere inconvenience in the minds of all. I hope the Devon tale picks up steam, though, because I love his ornery little outbursts, and I enjoy seeing Neil have something to do on the show.

Mac/Raul/Billy/Chloe: So Mac is ready to make a life with Raul, but isn't ready to live in the same state as him. Hmmm. As for her feelings for Billy, all I can say is, "Thou protest too much!" Let's hope that she sticks to her guns though, since even those who have been enjoying Mac's scenes with other characters, don't seem to be feeling her with Billy - an overwhelming percentage of voters in's recent poll, said they prefer Billy with his wife! I am enjoying the Mac and Chloe scenes, though - they have a good dynamic! As for Chloe moving out of the poolhouse - right move, girl!

Daniel/Amber/Kevin/Jana: I am really curious to see where the writers are going with this new closeness between Jana and Daniel. I'm not suggesting that they're going for a romantic pairing, but as stated previously, these two have a chemistry that borders on that, so it will be interesting to see what the TPTB choose to do with it. Daniel's scene with Sharon this week was good too - very realistic.

Can't wait to see what they get up to as squatters in Phyllis's penthouse! Too funny!

Addam's Family: This storyline has officially crossed into 'draggy' territory for me - which is one of the reasons I found this week a little underwhelming at times. The pace needs to sharpen for this story to remain viable - the plot is certainly compelling - it's just the endless scenes of the new 'watered-down' version of Ashley in bed, Liv and Victor whispering, and Adam at the laptop that are giving it a repetitive feel. Still, I can't wait to see what Adam springs on us next. And what's up with Frank the jailbird being his accomplice?! After the big speech Frank gave Victor in jail about his family, yada yada, we're supposed to believe that he now wants to risk going back to the slammer - for Adam? Weird. It was a nice move adding JT and Victoria into the mix this week - hope they stay involved.

While there are plenty of storylines that are intriguing, and twigging me to wonder what will happen next, there are some big storylines that are bogging down a tad. Something really unexpected needs to happen in the Nick/Phyllis/Jack/Sharon story to keep it from being a drawn-out partner swap, and, no, I don't mean Sharon having twins with different fathers - ugh - please don’t do that to her - it's too 'Passions'. The Adam tale needs to be a little snappier, and I'd like to see Nina jump right in up to her elbows unraveling the Cane mystery - butting heads with Jill all the way!

What are your thoughts on the week? Be sure to weigh in below, whether you've got a favorite storyline or character, or your mind changes constantly like mine - it's all good - share!

- Candace Young