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Emily O'Brien (daylife)

Soaps.com recently caught up with busy The Young and the Restless actress, Emily O'Brien (Jana Fisher), to check in about her reaction to her Daytime Emmy nomination, and to ask about Jana's storyline on the show. Here's what Emily had to say:

Soaps.com: What was your reaction to your Daytime Emmy nomination? How did you when you found out?

Emily: At first, I hadn't heard anything and had only heard that Jeanne (Cooper, Katherine) and Christian (LeBlanc, Michael) had been nominated so I didn't need to worry about being nervous or anxious and continued with my day. I was at work when an hour later I got the call in my dressing room that I had made the nomination so it was a nice surprise to find out after thinking I hadn't!

Soaps.com: What are your thoughts on the nominations for co-cast members (Jeanne Cooper, Katherine; Christian LeBlanc, Michael; and Bryton, Devon Hamilton)?

Emily: It's wonderful to see these fine actors nominated again, and so very well deserved!

What was your reaction to Y&R not being nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

Honestly, perhaps a little surprised, but we have had great previous years and I am sure that we will have more nominations in the future...

Soaps.com: Tell us your thoughts about the recent intense storyline involving Kevin's kidnapping and Jana's headaches.

Emily: I think this storyline has been wonderful. Every relationship and character needs a shake-up and we definitely got that. I felt so satisfied after being able to perform such great material with these actors, and it put my character in a place of such vulnerability. That's always wonderful to play... The headaches were only a sign of their connectedness, and her headaches were finally relieved after she knew that her husband was okay.

Soaps.com: Can you give any hints on what's ahead for Jana? In particular some are wondering if she will become more involved with Daniel and his art storyline.

Emily: At this point I am not too sure, but the two of them definitely have a great friendship, which is fun to see evolve. Mischief and trouble might lie ahead for these two in the future though!

Soaps.com: Do you have any outside projects on the go?

Emily: At the moment, no. I'm focusing on the show, and will probably be doing another play this summer which I will keep everybody posted on.

Soaps.com wishes Emily the very best of luck at the Daytime Emmys in June. She is a brilliant actress and a joy to watch on Y&R!
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