Stomach-turning union. (CBS)

Liplock. (CBS)

Genoa City for the week of August 25 - 29:

"Y&R" seems to be resurrecting things from the past that 'worked' to try and get back into viewers' good graces. Everyone loved Cassie and Drunk Nikki, right? Thoughts:

As the stomach turns.
The good news is that the Mariah storyline took an unexpected twist, the bad news is that it involved Ian, who had raised her as his daughter, deciding he would marry her. If that's not gross enough, he apparently undressed her while she was unconscious and put her in the wedding dress. Ew. In this case, most would have preferred to see the more predictable, but infinitely more palatable plot of Kevin and Mariah having a motorcycle wreck, mentioned in last week's blog. There's no denying that Nick and Sharon have definitely managed to sell the 'Mariah is Cassie's twin' history rewrite, but it remains to be seen how the Mariah/Sharon relationship will go, and what will become of Ian, who was last seen at Nikki's door...again. How does he keep getting past ranch security anyway? Yeeps! What do you think of the Mariah reveal? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Mariah is Sharon's daughter.

Katherine's remembrance.
It was great to see Murphy and Nina brought back for Katherine's remembrance party. It would have been even better if the likes of Brock, Mackenzie, JT, Chance, Phillip, and Tucker had been in attendance. The first day of the gathering in Chancellor Park inexplicably seemed to focus largely on Kevin's brooding and Lauren and Jill discussing Michael's intimacy issues. The second day had Murphy telling those gathered that Katherine wanted them to write letters to her. It was an excellent idea, however some of the writers seemed to focus more on their problems than on actually addressing Katherine in a meaningful way. I'd have rather marked the anniversary of her passing with some fabulous flashbacks and the end of the trifling music box storyline. Just when it looked like Jill was done with it, the darn thing was swiped and showed up on someone's desk, which can only mean we're not done with it yet. Unfortunately, while admirable to try and keep a storyline thread running that has to do with Katherine, this really hasn't made viewers feel connected to her, or who she was, in any appreciable way.

Drunk Nikki.
Well, Nikki's back on the sauce, which we saw coming from a mile away. She attended an AA meeting and vowed that she wouldn't take a drink that day, but that was before Ian showed up, so we'll see. Victor hasn't figured out that she's hitting the bottle again, because as usual, he's too busy 'protecting his family' to actually protect his family. Hehe. Which brings us to...

Eyes wide open.
Phyllis is awake! Was she glaring at Victor? It kind of looked like it. I have to say it was classic Victor to be there when she finally woke up waiting to grill her about Sharon. Perfection. Can't wait to see what Gina Tognoni brings to the role.

There was plenty of foreshadowing about Avery and Michael this week. First there was Jill's 'whoops' moment of assuming they were having an affair and publicly calling them out, and then Gloria hilariously advising Lauren in hushed tones to steer Michael toward an old geezer with nose hairs. Loved Glo being on as always!

Meals on wheels.
From the disastrous dinner at Neil's place to the lost-cause luncheon at Summer and Austin's apartment, Jack found himself fleeing from one meal after another. First Jack learned that Neil was blind, which had some questioning why Neil wouldn't have informed his boss of this sooner. Jack made his exit after the salad went flying and things became too tense and awkward amongst the stressed-out Winters clan. At the remembrance party, Jack then noticed what Neil, even with his newly super-tuned senses still hasn't - the chemistry between Hilary and Devon. Not too subtle there kids! Jack later took Kelly over to Summer's for lunch and proceeded to spoil dessert with his news about moving on. Based on her comments to Kelly in the kitchen and her reaction to Jack's announcement, Summer evidently thought Jack was just using Kelly for sex until Phyllis woke up.

Family business.
As if Cane doesn't have enough going on keeping an eye on Hilary and Devon, he now has to contend with the revelation that Colin is once again dealing with seedy types in the park. Will Cane help Colin, or wash his hands of him again? Hmm.

In Stitches.
Billy had some fun with Vikki making their prison break from the hospital. I appreciated the attempt to bring some more levity to NuBilly, who still comes across rather 'dry' much of the time. Stitch, meanwhile, got the shock of his life when his number one hater, Abby, pulled him into a liplock in the middle of the Club. Of course she was just trying to make Tyler jealous, but more likely it was an Abby/Stitch chem-test. Did you see magic?

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- Candace Young