Tragedy queen. (CBS)

Such attitude. (CBS)

Genoa City for the week of July 28 - August 1:

Some aspects of certain Genoa City storylines are definitely drawing us in, however, there is still something lacking that makes "Y&R" feel 'B movie' where it should be brilliant - and it's not the acting. Thoughts:

Many are rooting for Hilary and Devon to end up together, but the whole thing has gone from awkward to distasteful and has many wondering how anyone will feel good about anything in the end. Neil being clueless and a cuckold is unappealing, and the longer Hilary and Devon carry on behind his back, the less sympathetic they seem. If Hilary winds up pregnant and it becomes a question of whether Neil's the daddy or the granddaddy...well, yuck.

Moving on.
The soppy tragedy queen that Kelly has morphed into really isn't proving to be very popular as a character or with Jack. The Kelly we first got to know was edgy, sexy, battle-scarred, and a bit of a loose cannon - certainly sufficiently 'Phyllis-like' to not only have explained Jack's attraction, but also much more appealing as a rival when Phyllis returns.

Stitch's secret.
I was on vacation when the secret came out, so may be a little hazy on the details, but it seems Stitch isn't actually a vicious killer given the extenuating circumstances. Yet everyone acts like he is? Go figure. Ben's confession caused Dylan to get all red in the face over how many people have lied to him - poor Dudley Do-Right. Avery gave him a reality check and opined that Stitch was still hiding something. After Kelly mentioned their mother taking Stitch's side immediately following the father's death, it became pretty clear that it will probably turn out Stitch is covering for his mother, thereby making him even more of a noble good guy than anyone ever thought. Yep.

Control the outcome.
If Victoria truly wants nothing to do with either Billy or Stitch as she claims, why not go ahead with the DNA test so as to eliminate one of them from the equation right now? By waiting, she's keeping them both dangling and hovering around until the baby comes. Hmm. Also, is it me or did Victoria's baby bump grow huge over the past two weeks? As for the quadrangle aspect of the story, it's kind of crazy that NuBilly and Chelsea have this sexy root-able thing going on, yet it's nearly impossible to imagine that this would have happened with Billy Miller's version of Billy. That said, the quadrangle is working thanks to chemistry, complicated emotions, and the untenable situations they're all in.

After Abby's run-in with Tyler, Aunt Traci told her to take time for herself and to figure out what she wants, while Lily advised her to hook up with a hottie. Too funny. Abby and Devon? No thanks. Trying to make friend chemistry into romantic chemistry can be disastrous. Case in point: Kevin and Chloe. What's your take on Abby's love life? Vote in's Y&R Poll: What should Abby do?

Memory flash.
Things are picking up in Sharon's storyline what with the lipstick in the stairwell memory inciting her to take a renewed interest in figuring out her secret. Meanwhile, Faith is pushing for a wedding, Mariah seems to be setting her sights on Nick, and it's only a matter of time before Phyllis comes out of that coma - her pinkie finger's already making moves. If all goes well, this should add up to big drama and reveals. On the subject of Mariah having a thing for Nick, Christine said last week, Ew. No. Please let’s not go there. Agreed. It's one thing for Mariah to be attracted to Nick, but quite another for it to go beyond that. Must. Never. Happen. Ack.

Domestic bliss?
Everyone pretty much got on board with the Summer and Austin marriage by week's end, however grudgingly. The newlyweds acquired an apartment, a job for Austin, a string of pearls, and Austin received his first scathing look from Nikki. They also spent time dealing with Mariah, who is right on point as a conniving snippy schemer...such attitude. Next up for Summer and Austin is the trial. Does anyone really believe he'll be sent off to prison?

Sticky fingers.
Detective Harding and Kevin sparring was entertaining, but I didn't really get Kevin's reasoning to Michael for going so far as to steal Barton Shelby's ID - because Chelsea was such a good friend to Chloe? Also, can Michael and Lauren stop yakking to Kevin about Chloe at every opportunity? Onward.

A fake.
Well we got a glimpse of Colin and Jill this week, just long enough to learn that they're still tied into this necklace tale. Kurtz showed up saying the necklace was a fake and Colin still owes his debt. Colin rolled his eyes and looked exhausted - a little bit how it felt for viewers who were ready to move on storyline-wise.

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- Candace Young