On the run. (CBS)

Sleeping with the nanny. (CBS)

Genoa City for the week of June 9 - 13:

Considering any changes made behind-the-scenes at "Y&R" could take months to translate onscreen, something needs to happen over there ASAP. Thoughts:

The confessions of Avery Bailey Clark.
The one saving grace of this storyline is that someone we actually care about - Paul - was the one to get shot, so we could at least feel something about that. To think viewers sat through months of Avery's cooking show for it all to climax with some newbie holding her at gunpoint to make a confession about something that was already a matter of public record...no words. As for the scene that unfolded in Austin's apartment, well the GCPD have never looked more inept. I'm not even going to expand on that because we all saw how implausible it was for Austin to have gotten away and how utterly unbelievable Courtney seems as a cop. Bottom line - as discussed in last week's rant, few viewers are invested enough in Avery as a damsel in distress or the 'Super Dylan' routine for this to have worked.

On the run.
Apparently the teen summer storyline this year is Summer going on the run with a newbie we barely know and don't care about, who got Paul shot. Curiously, Fen, who is regularly in Summer's business, has gone completely missing in action. What can you even say? They should have kept Jamie around and developed the teen scene properly. Read Soaps.com's interview with Daniel Polo, in which he discusses his Daytime Emmy nomination and the role of Jamie.

My two dads.
There was plenty of foreshadowing this week about Summer's paternity, so let's hope that reveal isn't too far down the pike. Meanwhile, Sharon continued to push Mariah on everyone. Noah spent a good two or three scenes being completely outraged over Mariah's presence at the bar and then suddenly agreed to work with her at the end of the episode. Huh?

Double cheeseburger.
The scene with Noah and Courtney looking at constellations in the park was breathtakingly inane. Dreadful.

Down under.
Billy has seemed like a different character entirely in recent weeks - perhaps due to an effort to take the recast in a new direction, who knows? In any case, the guy is so obsessed with uncovering a secret he isn't even sure exists that he can't see straight. Chelsea, for all her talk of wanting him back with Victoria, is clearly lapping up his attention despite her protests to her blunt-as-ever mother, Anita. In Australia, it took Chelsea and Billy mere minutes to convince Jenna to let them into her home, even though Stitch had called to warn her someone might show up. Yeeps. Back at home, Stitch and Kelly held more cryptic conversations about 'what he did' and he worked up to coming clean with Victoria but kept getting interrupted. Hopefully this secret is worthy of all the buildup. Where do you stand on the goings-on Down Under? Vote in Soaps.com's Y&R Poll: Should Chelsea and Billy hook-up?

Well, we all figured that Paul getting shot would pave the way to revealing Dylan as his son, and that theory appears to be right on track. As hunky as he is, Detective Harding hanging around the hospital to point the finger at Dylan for being responsible was a tad annoying. Why wasn't he out looking for Austin? Speaking of hotties, Leslie's hubby, Barton, turned out to be Paul's surgeon and made a notable first impression on female viewers. Suddenly Leslie's actions made perfect sense. Rawr! Christine kicking Nikki out of the hospital was also an interesting diversion. If she was that ticked off about Nikki's presence in the corridor, she's bound to go completely nuts when she learns Nikki and Paul share a child. Yike!

Father's Day.
The writing is clearly on the wall for Neil and Hilary, who described him in the groan-worthy bonding scene with Sharon as 'stable'. Ouch. The Father's Day shenanigans at the Club were amusing, especially Colin sharing prison/circus stories with the grandkids, and the bit about Moses thinking his father is sleeping with the nanny. What transpired after that, however, was the proverbial train wreck in slow motion - you know it's going to happen and can only watch in horror. Neil proposed. Honestly this man just cannot wait to be married to someone - anyone! As far as I'm concerned, whatever happens now, he deserves it.

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- Candace Young