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"I think it’s probably going to come down to them battling it out and finding common ground."

As Genoa City’s Hilary Curtis, Mishael Morgan has certainly stirred up some dust over the last year on "The Young and the Restless." Initially seeking revenge as Ann Turner, she did anything she could to ruin the Winters family. Now, she’s doing everything she can to reverse the damage done and get back in their good graces.

Morgan spoke with about Hilary redeeming herself with the Winters family, who is better for her – Devon or Neil – and why her character gravitates toward older men in the first place! Hilary came into Genoa City like a wrecking ball. Is it possible that she is still working an agenda, or has she truly changed?

Morgan: I think it is always possible, especially in the soap world. Right now she’s trying her best to change and be different, and she sees the benefit that comes from being a good person and having friends and family, and I think she wants that in her life. Right now she’s really giving a good go at it. What happens in the near future that could ruin that, we don’t know! Why do you think Hilary gravitates toward older men like Jack (Peter Bergman) and Neil (Kristoff St. John)? Does she have daddy issues?

Morgan: Possibly. She does have that history of her father not being around, being in prison her whole life. I think she does have that tendency to look up to men, and men that she admires and respects and are kind to her, I think she can take that a little bit further. And really fall for them because of that, because that is something she is missing from her childhood, a father who was always there. Who would you like to see Hilary with – Devon (Bryton James) or Neil?

Morgan: There are such benefits to both of them! Neil is a man who is established and who is very admirable and has lived so much of his life, and he can teach her so much and help her grow as a person. And then you have Devon. He’s younger, he’s her peer and they can grow together which would be an interesting dynamic too. But I don’t know… she’s already with Neil so I guess I would like to see what would happen with Devon. There are still some issues with Lily (Christel Khalil). If Hilary were totally humiliated, would that be enough to make it up to her? If not, what would it take?

Morgan: That’s the problem! Hilary is doing her best to try and figure out what would make Lily okay with everything. I think it’s probably going to come down to them battling it out and finding common ground, at some point. But I definitely think it is going to be a long road ahead considering she tried to drug her husband. You’re wrapping up one full year on "Y&R." What has the experience been like?

Morgan: Oh, it’s just been awesome, surreal and amazing and awesome. Just meeting all of these amazing people that I have watched growing up, because I have watched "Y&R" since I was 5. My mom watched it for my entire life. And just being on the show and meeting all of these people and getting to know everybody on such a personal level has been such an amazing experience. I just feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of it. Your new CW series "Backpackers" started out as a web series, a first for the network. Your character Maya seems very free-spirited and in the moment. Tell us a little more about who she is.

Morgan: She’s a bit of a hippie. She’s just such a free spirit, and I love Maya because I felt like when I was shooting her, I really just did whatever I wanted to do and explored how free I could be. I can tend to be a little more like Hilary, where I can be pretty A-Type and want everything organized in my little organizer of life. And with Maya it was just so freeing, whatever I wanted to do and however I felt I wanted to say that line, it was just so freeing. And especially the way that they shot, they made it even more of an experience. It was just very collaborative with the directors and producers. We were there and just shooting, just trying to figure out how to make it work and make it a great show. Any ideas I had, they were almost always considered on the spot and used. We could try so many different things, which was fun. I loved playing her. She was awesome. You did a lot of traveling for "Backpackers."

Morgan: We flew into Frankfurt, then went over to Prague for part of the shoot. And then we ended up in Italy, shot in a few different cities in Italy, and then it ended in France and Paris, but I basically went right back to Toronto. I didn’t stay in Paris, which was unfortunate. What was the most amazing place you visited while filming?

Morgan: I had actually gone to Italy a few months earlier, so I’d already been there previously, but then going to Prague was amazing. I never knew a place like that existed. I don’t even remember exactly where it was, it was by this old parliament building, and you overlook and you can see all of these hills for miles, and it was just beautiful. Prague was absolutely stunning. But Italy, you can’t beat the food. Italy was great for that. Do you have any fun summer travel plans that beat "Backpackers?"

Morgan: I don’t have any travel plans coming up, but I definitely need to make some. I think I want to go to Hawaii. That would be amazing. I have never been to Hawaii and everyone keeps telling me I have to go there. That might be it. Tell us about your new comedy film "Swearnet" and what role you play?

Morgan: It is based off of a show called "Trailer Park Boys," a show that used to air on a lot of Canadian networks and now it is on Netflix, so it definitely widened the audience. They actually shot a "Trailer Park Boys" movie, one and two, and this is a totally different movie in that it is a mockumentary for "Trailer Park Boys" and they are playing themselves essentially. They decided they are going to start up their own network because they want to have as much swearing as they want, as much nudity, anything goes on their network. My character Jamie meets them randomly and I work in public relations, so I am trying to push their show for them. I come up with this idea that I am going to help them and make this network a huge success. And it turns into just an adventure of dealing with these guys and their crazy shenanigans the entire time. It was so much fun.

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