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Whiplash? (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of April 14 - 18:

Middle-of-the-road material is still weighing things down, however "Y&R" has some storylines gathering steam and the crossover made for a bit of fun. Thoughts:

In shreds.
The fashion show kind of slowly fizzled after the catfight. Connie the stage manager was a highlight, and it was neat to see Rick and Caroline Forrester if you watch "B&B," but there wasn't much else to write home about. Chloe slashing the dress made for a moment of drama, but the fact that it was utterly ridiculous for her to sabotage her own business, or for Chelsea to be able to fix it and put in on the runway minutes later, took away from it. Then there was Neil following Hilary around with his tongue hanging out. Yet another couple viewers don't want to see, as fans overwhelmingly voted in our poll to have Hilary with Devon. The other developing drama involved Summer noticing the connection between Jack and Kelly and reminding him about Phyllis. This has some potential although the abrupt recasting of Kelly may take the wind out of this story's sails. Cady McClain felt very different in the role from Cynthia Watros on first impression. As for the Chloe/Kevin and Chloe/Chelsea stuff, it's starting to feel like a lot of airtime for relationships that weren't stellar in the first place.

Bun in the oven.
For those in the know, it was cute to see offscreen loves, Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Forrester) share a couple of scenes, especially when she delivered the line about having a bun in the oven, a nod to her carrying his child in real life. Those who hadn't a clue about the actors were probably left thinking they were pretty pointless scenes!

House calls.
Sometimes I don't get Victor. He's supposed to hate Billy Boy's guts, so it seemed he'd be thrilled to find Stitch making 'house calls' to Victoria's place, yet there he was up at the hospital uttering warnings later. Ye gad. Of course, placing Victor at the hospital may have been more about the near-miss with the Cassie lookalike whom Stitch was treating in the next room.

A hell of a ride.
Oh boy it looks like Jill is in for another disappointment with Colin, who is once again out for a score. The way Colin seems in the scenes makes me feel like he really does want to change this time, but is in some kind of a tight spot. There is a lot of regret in his expression at times. Of course no one, including Lily and Cane, who are now pondering letting him near the twins, will ever believe he's not evil if he's caught manipulating again. It may very well be a hell of a ride. Best comic relief of the week was when Jill was grilling Colin, the doorbell rang, and saved by the bell quite literally, he chirped, "Knickers!" as though he were disappointed to have their conversation interrupted. Hehe. Should Cane and Lily give Colin a chance? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Should Colin be able to see the twins?

What might have been.
That noise you heard was the "Y&R" viewers who'd been holding their collective breath exhaling with relief that Lauren wasn't really pregnant. It just seemed an unappealing storyline for this point in their lives. Here's hoping she doesn't want to make a baby on purpose now.

How funny was Jeffrey asking Chelsea for another chance...or at least another chance to screw-up, and then bumming ten bucks off of her? He's awesome.

Worst nightmare.
All of the nattering surrounding Avery and her cooking show has become fast-forward material for many. Austin the photographer was super-cute though. As for the return of Ian, as sinister as he is, and as satisfying as his run-ins with the likes of Victor, Paul, and Dylan have been, this 'secret' business is going to get stale before long, so here's hoping things keep moving.

I'll go to the party.
Nick and Sharon had another hot romp this week, although there was a quick minute there where I wondered if she'd have whiplash after he dumped her a little heavily onto the bed. In any case, the writing is on the wall here - the closer they get, the more likely it will become time for the DNA secret to come out and blow up their relationship.

Making a mistake.
Abby and Tyler have great sex and then Abby starts pouting about whether or not they're 'making a mistake'. Cue the eye-rolling...

Wouldn't miss it.
It's always amazing to see Traci and Ashley, I honestly wish they could be on all the time. The bummer in the Abbott living room was NuOldBilly with his cringe-y tough guy posturing about how he 'was afraid of what he might do to Victor' etc. Please. Unless he was going to the engagement party packing heat, he'd be no threat to The Mustache.

Three families.
The engagement party wasn't too bad. It's always good for a giggle when Victor tries to stay on his best behavior as he never quite succeeds (i.e. calling Sharon 'the pyromaniac' and bickering about Bonaventure with Jack). Tyler seemed really antsy and has been calling Mariah, so that's bound to mean trouble on the horizon, and Nick saw the Cassie lookalike, which was a decent cliffhanger.

I want to show you something.
Victoria surprised many by changing her dress and announcing that Ben was coming to pick her up. Ouch!

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- Candace Young