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Genoa City for the week of March 24 - 28:

"Y&R" was a bore this week. There was little to no tension, intrigue, or passion. There are so many characters with the potential to be doing any number of naughty, funny, controversial, dramatic, and/or interesting things and yet they're written to be bland - so bland. Watching Tyler, Victor, and Stitch do their manly-men boxing thing was possibly the high point, with the Victor/Jack exchange, Kelly's verbal smackdown on annoying Abby, and Victoria and Stitch doing shots earning honorable mentions. Thoughts:

Misspent youth.
Well, it was very nice that Nikki and Dylan bonded further over him warning her about Willa and her sharing her past, and it was also wonderful that Victor agreed to accept Dylan as a part of Nikki's family (though it was a little awful how gushingly grateful she was for the concession). Avery and Dylan's video-recorded romance bit was cute, and Nikki and Paul sharing ice cream and a walk down memory lane was also good for a smile. Unfortunately all this 'let's hold hands and skip' stuff tends to lead to glassy-eyed, napping viewers. Come on back, Ian Ward.

Undercover lover.
Courtney gave up her dangerous undercover work to ease nervous Noah's mind...and put herself in even more danger because now all the drug dealers will know she's a cop. Trying to care about any of this...

Expensive PR move.
So, Devon bought Esmerelda a Lamborghini in order to get the fashion show mentioned in GC Buzz and now we're supposed to be in awe of his savvy genius like Jack Abbott seemed to be? No words.

Separation agreement.
Victoria came back to town and the good news was that she brought cutie pie Reed with her. The bad news was that she promptly gave NuOldBilly a reason to go whining all over town - the separation papers. Victoria and Stitch in the bar downing shots made for a couple of good scenes, and given that them leaving together appeared to be the 'Friday cliffhanger', it left us wondering if maybe, just maybe, they might act on the attraction they share. Do you think they should? Let us know by voting in's Y&R Poll: Should Victoria and Stitch hook-up?

Neil completely lost his composure in the audience when Hilary got the Plinko chip in the $10,000 slot. Hysterical!

Chloe's still fighting with Chelsea and it looks like she'll be fighting off Kevin, who will push to make their marriage of convenience 'real' again. Not fun stuff.

Retrograde amnesia.
Of course Sharon has amnesia and they have no idea how long it will be until she recalls the rather selective memories that have gone missing. Argh.

The white rose of surrender.
Jack and Kelly have chemistry, but knowing the actress will change in a couple of weeks kind of puts a damper on anything developing. As for Kelly shutting Abby up - more power to her.

Boxing week.
Though boxing after dinner seemed kind of random, Stitch and Tyler looked good sparring and Victor's delivery of his 'knowledge' was amusing, which made the scenes enjoyable.

Down at the station.
Is anyone else wondering why they don't do something with those hot detectives over at the police station? I love Paul, but if there was a choice between watching him eat salad and watching Harding or Chavez work some magic...yeah, no contest.

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- Candace Young