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Y&R cast 1973. (CBS)

Moving forward.

As "Y&R" celebrates 41 years on the air (the daytime drama debuted on March 26, 1973), Soaps.com looks back with some interesting trivia from the CBS soap.

The beginning.
Bill Bell was writing "Days of our Lives" when CBS lured him away to create his own soap opera for their network. Corday Productions, the production company behind "DOOL" actually filed a lawsuit to try and keep him. This resulted in Bell agreeing to stay on with "Days" for three more years while also working on "Y&R."

Here we go.
The opening scene of "Y&R" was Dr. Brad Eliot (played by Tom Hallick) coming into town in a truck after being mugged. An iconic line from the first episode was spoken by actress Lee Crawford, who played waitress Sally McGuire. She said, "Kind of a drag, isn't it? Stuck in a place like Genoa City. God, I feel so restless."

The music.
The longtime theme song for "Y&R," entitled Nadia's Theme, was from the 1971 movie, "Bless the Beasts and Children," in which the song's original title was Cotton's Dream. The song's writer renamed the tune Nadia's Theme after ABC used it as the background music in a montage about Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

China girl.
Katherine Chancellor's china was a Royal Albert pattern called 'Heirloom'.

Daily updates.
Soaps.com did their first recap of "Y&R" on Friday August 4, 2006. John Abbott was in jail, Gloria was pleased to have Jana in Kevin's life, Neil comforted Lily after she was drugged and attacked, Nick and Victoria were angry with Brad, and Victor had an epileptic seizure on Hope's kitchen floor. Check out the Y&R Recap: Time Is Running Out.

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- Candace Young